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Torch Light needs to follow head tracking, not direction 'body' is facing/walking
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The cone of light produced by the torch is 'fixed' in the direction of which direction your body is facing/walking.
This means that when you turn your head to look in other directions while walking you end up looking into darkness.
This does not reflect how you use a torch IRL where you automatically and naturally point the torch where you are looking, not always the direction you are walking.
As a TrackIR user this is doubly frustrating as I'm constantly moving my head looking around and the torch remains statically and stubbornly facing 'forward'.
This then produces lots of un-necessary WASD movement to point the torch where I want to see.


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equip torch and turn on.
use freelook or TrackIR to turn your head to look around.
Torch remains 'fixed' forward instead of following your head movements.

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I would add here that the light follow your hands when you do any action with it. Kinda weird.

Agreed would be much easier to use freelook and torch to search a building

Also torch should not require you to press space to bring it in front of the body , you wouldn't hold it off to the left all the time

AmirBK added a subscriber: AmirBK.May 8 2016, 2:37 PM

Closed duplicate report at

Adding the following picture here to demonstrate how a flashlight should be held for improved usage:

With version 0.35.115188, the head torch appears to follow free look to a point. I have not been able to test with anyone else yet, but I think it is moving to the point where your in-game head stops moving. The extended free look pereph, is possibly the simulation of your eyes continuing to roll back over your shoulder.

Guyver1 added a subscriber: Guyver1.May 8 2016, 2:37 PM

I'm on the current experimental build 36.xx.
I'll try and find a head torch over the weekend and re-test and post my results.

depends whether I can find a head torch and a night time server!!

i'll try and help you