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Same House -- Same IP: Cant connect to same Server, anymore..
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The last two days of gaming we were able to play together in the same server. I do not know if it was the update today or some other unfortunate factor but we are not able to join the same server anymore. One of us will be in a server, then the other joins and it times out the player who is in the game. This was the same issue we had on Arma and we were very excited to be able to play together in the Standalone. Please look in to this and let me know if there is anything we can try, short of getting a second IP or Proxy. Thanks


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Two computers in same house (same IP) join a server. One gets disconnected.

For the last two days we were able to play in the same server without issue. December 16-17.

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Nukem added a comment.Dec 25 2013, 9:48 PM

I have two computers directly connected to the internet and experience a similar issue. The two accounts are able to connect to the same server, but doing so usually results in one or both of the players getting 100000 desync.

At this point both characters can move around, but any actions such as opening doors, looting, turning on torches, or eating are impossible. After disconnecting and reconnecting, some of the users actions seem to have updated. (Attempting to pick up loot will show no affect, but reconnecting will result in the item being in the users inventory.)

I have opened all necessary ports, put one of the PC's on a VPN, and have attempted to connect one computer to the internet through router DMZ settings. None of these actions fix the issue.

The severity of this issue appears to depend on the server. I was able to play for a few hours on a server after trying about 10 others. However, when trying to connect to the same server a day later both users have the issue and can not perform any actions.

Big problem! Bough three copies so we could play together, but because we play through the same router/internet only one per server can connect.

Assuming that servers are restricted based on IP address and not the ArmA2/3 system of assigned PID.

LudwigX added a subscriber: LudwigX.May 8 2016, 2:35 PM

What ISP and what router are you using?

I had a similar problem when I used the standart router of my ISP (Speedlink from Deutsche Telekom). But that happened in all games, not just Arma/DayZ

Definately not router/modem. Have three copies of ArmA2:OA and three copies of ArmA3 running on three separate computers. Each has their own PID (Profile IDs) assigned and we can all play together on the same servers with no problems.

DayZ, afaik does not have a traditional PID as these other games, and seems to restrict based solely on IP address alone.

This will also mean that any system of banning players will necessarily be based on IP. If either of my two sons go rogue and get banned for any reason, it would mean that all of us would get a ban. Not good.

Just did a quick check by 'hijacking' the neighbours wifi on one of the other computers and were able to connect to the same server. So would likely confirm the IP based connection checking.

A VPN has worked for us. PureVPN is who I went with.

I spent $10 for 1 month to try it out. $8 + $2 for a unique IP (though it may have not been necessary).

We have not had an issue since. I didnt change any router settings, I simply connect to the VPN then run Steam and DayZ. I can join the game he is in and he can join mine.

Also, I have not experienced lag with the VPN except for on 40 man servers, but I cant put the blame on the VPN there :)

I hope you all find a solution as well. The router we have is Linksys and the settings are default.

DLink DIR 655 and we have been playing with 2 people on two separate computers here with no issues. One is win7x64 and the other isn't even supported (winxpsp3) and it runs DayZ SA just fine with occasional crashes.

Open the Steam Library -> Rightklick on DayZ -> Properties
Tab: General -> Set launch options...
Add thie following line:
+clientport 27021

With two PCs, you only have to make this on one PC.

Use different Clientports for each PC (except one that uses the default port) connected to the internet over the same router if you use more than two PCs.
+clientport 27021
+clientport 27022
+clientport 27023

Report back if it helped.

Nails82 added a subscriber: Nails82.May 8 2016, 2:35 PM

Looking for info or a solution on this one. I am currently debating buying my brother the game so we can play, but will not if this is still and issue.

"Having the same issue and the clientport trick didn't work. Found that we were able to get into the same server if weren't in the vicinity of each other. "

I think this is the reason my room mate and I were able to play together for the first two days: we were nowhere near each other on the same server.

Using Pure VPN I have not had any issues. Having minimal knowledge about how this stuff works; I was able to figure it out. I normally use the dedicated IP that I paid an extra $2 for.

I have not tried the clientport solution that Kiloswiss posted.

Have had the issue for quite some time. Haven't checked if it has changed on the new update.

Try just -port=randomnumber as a command line switch

My coworker and I commonly had to do that with Arma2. We game a lot from the same network here, and a few games have a similar problem.

My understanding is that it's a flaw in the network architecture, possibly combined with a flaw in the way the router handles sessions. Not going to get it with all games or routers but the wrong combo will leave you screwed unless you can force one of the clients to a new port.

I have no idea if the above switch works in SA -- we haven't had to use it. But it did the trick in Arma2.

It's almost same with issue no 1340. This game rapes our routers, connections etc. And It should get fixed asap instead of berrypicking thing. My brother and i can play together in experimental branch servers and it was almost no lag for us. But when the patch arrives to stable servers its not playable again. I dont want to waste money for any other server or modem solution. Seriously WTF! Drop everything what you doin already and fix this asap,hotfix or patch whatever.

trogex added a subscriber: trogex.May 8 2016, 2:35 PM

Same issue here. The GF and I can't seem to play together most of the time. Sometimes it works, which did seem to be related to where we spawn. The only way we've been able to play together (twice) is if we spawn far away from each other. If we try to spawn at same time in the vicinity of each other one gets dropped from server. I did read on developer blog that the communication with server/client is inefficient when it comes to inventory items. More inventory = more messages being spammed to server and client. Maybe two joining at once pushes it too far? But then again, I'm not so sure this is related, as even joining a different server wasn't possible once one of us was successfully in a server playing - but we haven't thoroughly tested this while we've tried DOZENS of times to connect to the same server.

you can read my earlier posts for the solution that I have adopted.

since then, I have renewed my VPN for 1 year for like 50 bucks instead of 10 a month.

I get an extra 20-30 ping when im using the VPN but there is little difference between having it on or not. oh and im at 490 hours of dayz standalone.. if that helps anyone decide to try a VPN


Please let us know in the note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue on the latest Development build.

If so, please send us a dxdiag report and files from this folder: "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\DayZ\"

If the *.rar is smaller than 5.000KB, you can attach it here.
In case it's larger than that, please try uploading it to a file sharing website and link it here.

Thank you.

I'm happy to report over the last few days we have been able to successfully login to the same server at the same time within the vicinity of each other from the same home network.

Kira added a subscriber: Kira.May 8 2016, 2:35 PM
Kira added a comment.Jun 10 2014, 9:55 AM


Since it has been more than a month and you still did not provide us with the files, I am closing this issue.

Next time, please attach the files required :)

Thank You