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Can't reach objects ontop of wardrobes
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I have tried relentlessly to reach the objects on top of the wardrobes (IE those in the big orange houses). I find no way to interact with them. The object is too far to "gear" or "take" and will not show up in the vicinity.

I like the fact objects spawn up there, I just can't find a way to reach them! {F28523} {F28524} {F28525}


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Also, many objects require you to be running when tabbed to pick them up in your vicinity. Apparently the extra closeness of running into a piece of furniture helps you reach the item!

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Not cannot. Can be very difficult. Furthermore, ref the new enter-able jail building, top floor room, first bunk bed on the left as you enter. Often objects on the top of this bed can be difficult to bring up in inventory. Bed is too close to wall with door to get on that side of the bunk bed.

Yea I noticed that you most of the time if an item is ontop of a bookcase or wardrobe looking thing when you press TAB it does not show up in the vicinity section...however if you move you mose over it slowly and use the "Dot" style crosshair it will pop up and tell you what it is then you can click the mouse wheel to pick it up that way.

Same goes when something is underneath a bed / shelf etc. I think they might have done this intentionally though, to make it more tricky to get some loot, than to just having tab open and moving around till it pops up in your vicinity.

I've found it more fun to have to get on my stomach to get below a bed to check loot.

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Same goes for some items on top of bunk beds or in the middle of a car seat. Second image has a map in the middle which can't be reached from either side. And that is a nice vest on the first pic. I would've changed my current for that one :C

I have been able to reach all but one book so far. Some things have been very hard to get to, but all that I have looked to get, I have eventually gotten.

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Confirmed, they are out of range around half the time.

I have experienced this to an extent.. I find that if you back away and approach from a different angle.. make sure you're looking up and press TAB they will show up in the vicinity. This happens with a lot more loot than objects on top of thing.. I have experienced the same issues with loot under tables and in the trunks of cars.

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I have experienced this multiple times with various objects that spawn on the top tier of shelves, tops of lockers and tops of tall clothes bureaus.

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Confirmed, especially on hardcore servers. It's impossible to get loot on top of shelfs imho, i.e. a map or small thing. You cannot use the cursor/dot because of the height difference.
Don't know if it is intended though. But at the end it costs only server performance to render and handle unlootable loot so I guess it's unintended.

Damn annoying. :)

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Duplicate of #000043: Inaccessible loot