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Wearing masks will slowly drain blood from character.
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I believe I've found a bug where any mask you wear, (this includes the V from vendetta mask, the dirt bike helmet, the gasmask, Vinne, and wolf mask.

I'm not the only one who has expeirienced this, it seems my friends and alot of streamers I have watched are loosing color from blood loss or dying for no reason after weaing mask for a while. I've wanted to make sure I wasn't just getting injured from zombies. players, etc. So after trying this a few times with a few friends, I am noticing the same result every time we wear a mask after a few hours. I made sure that myself and others weren't being hit by zombies and etc. I don't this this is how it is supposed to be would it? How can masks kill you? This must be a bug.


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Simply wear one of the items stated in desc.

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Are you sure you are not just low on food/drinks?

I am wearing a gasmask, and as far as i can tell im fine. However, i can't get into the game right now so i can't confirm i am having no issues with the gasmask.

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Duplicate of #1357
Definitely add your info to that report. Very interesting if this is true.

@im orange

Yes, I've made sure of that and managed everything that may drain blood from myself and friends, we've done this around 5-7 times each. I'm pretty sure this is actually happening if me and 7 others I know are all experiencing this problem. I'll keep doing this over to make sure, but after 7 times and same result. I think its time to report it as a bug.

Good job figuring that out!


Thanks! I am 99.9% sure this bug is true but I still need more people to try it out themselves and see what they think if anyone would tell me if they get the same results after a few hours, please let me know. I wanna prove that this is an annoying bug that needs to be fixed!

I currently have a helmet, so I'll try to stay alive and test.

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i can confirm that this happened to me, and if i'm not mistaken, masks can also bug the thirst status of you character. this i found because i wasn't able to satisfy my thirst with a mask on (or at least after wearing one) which slowly killed me.

Maybe this isn't a bug then?

However, you can eat with a mask on...

I've been running around with the red and white wolf mask from payday 2 for probably 10 hours+, regularly eating and drinking. Don't think I've had this problem?? Not saying it doesn't exist, just that it might not happen to everyone. Good luck!

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Did you disinfect the mask before putting on? Might be infected...

I have had a character that has more or less circumnavigated the map 1.5 times now, 90% of the time(2dayz) with a mask on and she's all good. I have maintained her food and water at all times. Also None of my friends are having this issue

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I have been wearing a wolf mask since release ( I found it like 4 hours after logging in) I have been playing for the past 2 days without any problems

I had a 4 hour session with the gas mask. I could not replicate it. Maybe it's a combo of mask and something else?

Maybe the mask is being blamed for the fact that a zed infected the player at some point near where they acquired the mask? Is it just a coincidence?

I'm not convinced that you'd need to disinfect the mask before wearing it in order to not get sick, but I am happy to be proven wrong.

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I've been running around with a wolf mask since the wipe, I don't think this is draining my blood.

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Actually noticed this myself within the first hour of release, I had a gasmask on and I thought it my character had a hard time to breathe.

Been playing the same character for a good 15+ hours now with a gas mask to try to replicate this. My character is in "healthy" condition. Absolutely no evidence of blood loss.

I initially didn't vote on this issue, but now I truly believe that people experiencing this actually just have infected wounds and aren't noticing it (since there's no character indication for this).

For people who think they're getting this issue, find some alcohol tincture, apply it to your wounds (your character will become "sick", this is normal)... over time you'll get messages about "my wounds look cleaner" until you get the green text of "My wounds are clean". Be sure to stay out of combat, especially avoid being hit by a zombie.

Then, stock up on food/drink until you get the "healthy" status in your inventory. (you need to eat/drink quite a lot to get to this status) Get a buddy to give you a saline transfusion if needed (to restore blood to 100%).

If your character is healthy, if your wounds are clean and you're eating/drinking well and you're STILL dying, I'll be happy to change my vote.