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Dayz Serverbrowser slows down internet
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Everytime I refresh the serverlist (means not the first time, but the 2. 3. ect.) my internet breaks down.
I get NO servers from dayz anymore, I get kicked from teamspeak because of timeout,I cant reach any webpages and I can not reach my emailaccount in firebird for at least 2-3 minutes.

After that timeperiod my internet works again like a charm right until I start up the game again and try to refresh the serverlist.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the game
  2. Click on play (this step DOES NOT cause the slowdown, servers show up as normal)
  3. Click on refresh (THIS causes the slowdown)
  4. Try to reach a webpage like google or something like that.
Additional Information

Why can I rule out my ISP setup?
Easy, every multiplayer game like COD/CS has a serverbrowser like that and NOT A SINGLE game makes any problems.

Why can I rule out my Router?
Ports on my router are all opened so that's also not the problem.

Similar problem in DayZ Mod!
And finally I read about a similar problem in the original DAYZ MOD on the forums, but without any fix/workaround.

While I testet the last time I had a command window open where I pinged all the time (ping -t).

While I recreated the slowdown and my internet broke down again it somehow didn't affect the ping program. It just worked and worked and worked!

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Alpaca added a subscriber: Alpaca.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM

i guess the same problem as the DayZCommander - too many attempting connections at once.

strange, since there should be a full server list (with info) provided by steam.

As far as I have read you can change the "connections at once" in DAYZCommander.
But i havent seen a option in DayzStandalone for that.

I can confirm that this is still happening in .29

I can also confirm that this bug still exists in .29

Kilo_UK added a subscriber: Kilo_UK.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM

As long as I only refresh 1-3 times I'm usually ok, however if I refresh 4+ then the list wont load and my internet will cease up for a few minutes, however I have experienced this same problem with other games

So I finally have time for it and can confirm that this bug still exists in .30

keypax added a subscriber: keypax.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM

Confirmed. I have the same problem with standalone.

SmashT added a subscriber: SmashT.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM

Have you tried lowering your Steam Max ping per minute setting?

Steam > Settings > In-Game > Max Pings per Minute > Set to 250, increase until it's no longer stable.

Confirmed from my friend as well, he just downloaded the game.

Yet he had no problems playing Arma 1, Arma 2, or Arma 3

When he loads the game his internet shuts off for a minute, every single time

i suffer the same problem and have lowered the steam in game pings to 250 still doessnt fix it and i haz fibre optic connection

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM

Could still be a router problem. Cheap or bundled Routers don't handle masses of connections well. Not that the game couldn't do with a much better optimised server browser however.

True Dogmeat,

But the friend who has this problem, as stated is able to run all other BI games no problem.

It's only the DayZ SA that now he has the issue.

As far as I know Arma 2 has easily just as many if not more servers at any one time loading into the browser

Can someone confirm that this is a "router problem".
E.g connecting the computer directly to the modem and look if the problem just stops?

Would do it myself but with my ISP I cant just request to change the mac adress.

It would be worth finding out how many servers there are for A2/A3/SA. I only started playing the mod this time last year so probably missed the absolute peak popularity of Dayz running on A2 but I would guess SA outnumbers A2 today.

The number of Servers should be irrelevant.
The Serverbrowser shoud NEVER flood the router/pc so much that it just shuts the connection of.
I mean it is a serverbrowser... not and HD Videostream @ 4MB/s

When i was having the problem I was connected directly to my router and the router gave repeated log entries of connections unable to connect. The problem was fixed (I think) by reducing connections from 3000 to 1500. Onibubu is right. I never had this problem before Day z with the 100+ games in my library nor should I have this problem. The server browser is causing issues in weaker routers that no other games causing. which is why this thread is here.

I have this too and this still exists. My router completely crashes on the server browser. Had the same thing in DayZ Commander but you were able to fix it from settings. Reducing game pings from Steam to 250 didn't work. I have also tried to change the settings from my router. There seems to be many bug reports about this same problem.

denalb added a subscriber: denalb.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM
denalb added a comment.Jan 8 2014, 4:42 PM

Same issue as everyone else in here. I am running directly connected to my modem, but turns out my modem also acts as a router which is most likely the issue. I imagine it is not built to handle the amount of request coming at it at one time during a browser refresh. I will try to call Comcast to see if the modem can be turned in to bridge mode so I can use a stronger router. If this resolves the issue it must be due to weaker routers not handling the amount of requests.

delset added a subscriber: delset.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM
delset added a comment.Feb 2 2014, 9:15 PM

We have provided enough details for the devs; they should be able to find and fix the issue with the server browser. I am guessing that they just need to throttle the server browser so that it doesn't flood the poor router with too many requests (triggering firewall flood protection on the router?).

We have also discovered a solution/workaround for the small number of people affected by this issue.

End Discussion

As mentioned above, the issue is really within DayZ, and not somewhere else. You can't really expect people to turn off their firewalls just for a single game, when thousands of other games manage to make a server browser that works without slowing down the connection.

Nam added a subscriber: Mentalenemy.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM
Nam added a comment.Feb 2 2014, 3:17 PM

@Mentalenemy: I have 135+ games on Steam, and only had this issue with Dayz SA as well, and FIXED it by turning off my hardware firewall. FIXED, do you comprehend the meaning of the word FIXED? It is FIXED by turning off my hardware firewall. The issue was there, but it is FIXED now... So, not a BattleEye problem, but a hardware issue on my side!

Did I mention I FIXED it, by turning off my hardware firewall?

Holy Shit guys, lets be clear on one thing...
Its NOT a router issue.

EVEN if a stronger router can "solve" this issue, the issue is caused by the game.

If I eat 100 different brand of apples and I am allergic to ONE brand of apples then I am not starting to eat bananas. I am allergic to that specific brand of apple and I will just avoid that specific apple...

You get the point?

Ronys2 added a subscriber: Ronys2.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM
Ronys2 added a comment.Jan 9 2014, 4:25 AM

I can confirm part of this, when bringing up the server browser, or joining a server from the server browser my Teamspeak 3 will disconnect and reconnect with in 3 seconds. I can also confirm this happening to 3 others i game with, and we all have different connection speeds and router/modem setups.

Oh btw @Nam , i got 80+ game in steam and only problem with this issue is dayz sa. And this issue is here since arma II mod.
yea nobody got that or similiar problem... right.

delset added a comment.Feb 1 2014, 3:20 PM

Mentalenemy, what makes you so certain that it is a BattlEye issue? Many others have already confirmed that their router/firewall is to blame, and they were able to resolve the issue.

@Nam we figured it out. its not bout any kind modem. It caused by Battleeye. Unless they patch or fix ,it will keep doing this. I searched many forums and endless discussions bout that. After experimental branch out , problem is gone for good. But when we get back to stable, it starts again.

Nam added a comment.Feb 1 2014, 12:38 PM

Mentalenemy: It is not a server issue, if it was, everyone would have the issue. I fixed this issue on my end, by disabling the bult-in ( hardware ) firewall in my modem/router, which was provided by my ISP.

So the patch arrived and still no feedback/news bout this one? (And many similiar issues...)

yes it is probably an issue with the router.
Finaly checked mine and it also "hangs up" because of to many connections.

Doesn't change the fact that every other game out there can be handled by my router.

I would say it is definitely an issue with router/modem.. believe I read something about NAT tables getting clogged up in older or lower quality network hardware.

Btw its not about how fast your internet is or what type modem you are using. There is bunch of topics or reports all over the internet if you do a little search bout it. Clearly its server or somekind game file issue. Address&fix it asap please.

Still not a single feedback about it? Come on. Cant play almost for a week already. Huge desync issue here...

also happening to me.. not on the first refresh, but if I refresh 2-3 times within a couple minutes, or if I join a server and leave within a minute (causing another refresh within 2-3 minutes) then it buggers up my Internet.

I have to wait 3-4 minutes and then things return to normal.

I just probably find solution!
I had to turn off firewall.. not like the windous one but actuly that one in router settings... now refreshing like hell and everything is fine

Here's my info:

Connection speed: 100/5mb
Modem/router: Cisco EPC3825
Type: Cable Internet
Nic: Realtek Gbe Family, wired
ISP: Elisa (Finland)

I don't think solving the problem should lie completely with just getting another router, since DayZ is the only game that does this.

Nam added a comment.Jan 22 2014, 10:09 AM

Connection speed: 30/3mb Internet
Modem/Router: Cisco EPC3925
Type: Cable Internet
Nic: Realtek Gbe Family, wired
ISP: ( Denmark )

@delset: asking for ( above ) details is a good idea, to find out if there is a pattern. Your last remark ( about getting a better router ) is condescending and, as you can see from my router/modem, not the issue!

Details anyone? Connection speed, router model, modem model, type of connection, nic speed, ISP?

My best guess, get a better router :)

demigod added a subscriber: demigod.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM

i can confirm all of this.It is really annoying issue and it should be fixed asap

I can confirm full of this. When i launch the game, click to server browser, than all my internet connection dies. Cant browse on web. It does not effecting my skype anyways. When i hit the refresh buttton it clearly not refreshing at all too. It makes me disconnect from steam too.
I jus cant alt tab while playing cuz of this. Should b fixed asap.

I can confirm this problem.
We have the problem, that we have a Cable-Internet Provider (KabelBW Germany) which provides us only IPv6 and a IPv4 DS-Lite Tunnel. The Fritzbox 6360 what we have could easy take this big flood of UDP-Packets but the Provider did NAT for us, too (IPv6 -> IPv4 translation). It takes only a few hundret connections and the IPv4 Internetconnection in our Home-Network is down. (IPv6 works - our Provider did not need to NAT this). I start the program Wireshark and i became the message (when the problem occurs) for the UDP-Requests: "Destination unreachable - Communication administratively filtered". And the IP from the message was from our Provider, not from our Router. After a few minutes all is ok.

We have 3 guys in our Home-Network with this game :). If only one start the Game and open the Serverlist our Internet is gone for a few minutes. I have start to block a range of UDP-ports in our Router to lower the requests but it works only temporarily. After a refresh or two, the problem is again here.

Please look onto this problem. I did´n know what cause so much open Ports in the NAT-Table. If this is a problem of "half-open" UDP request or only to much requests generally?


Well its in here since ages and devs looks like they dont give shit bout any problem. Oh look new hats! *

I've seen this issue, a small work around (for me) is to esc back to main screen and select "change server"

Thanks for the tip, but it looks like this is another problem you mention.

If you read the comments above, you see, that the whole internet traffic does not work for a couple of minutes or gone complete, because of the huge udp-requests that cause the router for some to stop working. In my case the internetprovider block the traffic for a few minutes because of the big count of UDP-Requests, i think. This means other people in the Network can´t open any website for a couple of minutes! :(

Well as this seems not only to affect routers but also turns some ISPs to shut off the connection for some people I think this problem should get a lot more attention.

Indeed it is :)

As such I will be closing this issue however. Thanks for the input everyone.

Refer to 0008949: Servers are bombarding router with UDP packets once the server list is requested causing a DOS for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

Thank you.

The best option at this point is to upvote as much as possible, so the devs see that this is a really big problem for some people.

roulman added a subscriber: roulman.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM

Same problem here. When I search for servers, the internet connection gets killed untill I quit the game. I have to wait about 1min after to have the connection back again.
It makes the game unplayable.

Random added a subscriber: Random.May 8 2016, 2:28 PM

Cant confirm.

  1. and each subsequent refresh is slightly slower, but do not kill my internet connection.

My home network:
ISP -> NAT router -> switch -> PC
Router OS & switch OS report no problem or connection lost.
Browsing works fine.
Connection speed 2/2Mbps
Using Mozilla Firefox as browser.
I have router firewall on & PC firewall on also.

Thats right. That problem have not all.
But this who have that problem are not happy about that, and that problem have realy to be fixed.

Yea, you might be the lucky one @Random, still problem is there. Many of us having this issue.

Very Good, the problem is now acknowledged: