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Motorbike Helmet attached to foot rather than head
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Putting on a red motorbike helmet (found on another player), the helmet was clicked and dragged across to my character on the inventory screen and dropped onto my player model.

On the 3D model of my character it showed the helmet, not on my head but attached to my right foot / ankle. This was also true when I came out of the inventory and viewed from 3rd person.

See screenshots.

Eventually it corrected itself after about 1 min. {F28473} {F28474}


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Pick up motorbike helmet from corse.

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Happened to me. To fix the "error" I did the following : I've put it (the helmet) back on the ground, then grab it on the inventory once again and then set it to my character and it worked.

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I seem to stop this by vaulting, simple.

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@Geez hi :)

I think this ticket should to be closed.

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