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Game forces character to walk even when Stamina is restored
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When sprinting for long periods of time my character slows down in sprinting and sometimes even stops being able to jog and is forced to walk, I understand this is how it should be. When pressing F3, going prone or crouching to rest I understand that my stamina replenishes itself. When my Stamina is replenished I'm able to sprint at full speed again but the option to run or jog is removed completely and my character is forced to walk. I've tried pressing Shift x2 to toggle run and walk but still my character is locked into walk. If this is intentional it's rather flawed considering it makes no sense that I'd be able to sprint at full speed but not be able to run. This leads me to believe that this is a glitch. I've tried replicating this glitch but it seems to happen only at random times, making me once again be led to believe that this is a glitch.


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Try right clicking as well.

You are able to put yourself in ADS mode even for items that don't have a sight to aim down, so while you aren't doing anything visibly different, you're locked into ADS walk speed.

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Had the same problem. Restarding did work.

Will try right clicking the next time but it's a bug nonetheless.

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Tried right-clicking, it only works in some instances but restarting does also work. Luckily it's a bug that is at least work around-able for now.

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@Geez Hi. I will add. This is reproduced when the character has a lot of items and a lot of weight. When a character has a small supply of energy, below 25-30%, he can run, jump, recover energy and run again. The problem occurs if fatigue lowers the stock of forces to 0%. After that, the character moves to the step. You can even stop so that your strength recovers, but the run for the character will not return. You can return the run only if you throw for example a backpack on the floor. The scale of forces will be restored to a value above 25-30%, and the character can again run and jump, until the "0% reserve of forces" stops the line again.
Fatigue sometimes gets stuck

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