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Tip of flashlight always glows even when it is turned off
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Flashlight glows at the tip even when turned off. This not a beam of light like it emits during use, but just the top of it glowing all the time.


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look at a flashlight on the ground or if someone is holding it while it is turned off.

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Got this too.

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I would like to also add that when your inside a building the fact that the flashlight does not light up a good chunk of the room like it would if you were in RL really is depressing. Having a "spotlight" basically that will disapear completely on you if you are looking at the wrong angle is extremely frustrating. Especially since we are forced to play at night more often now.

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I concur with JPWiser. It is extremely irritating trying to find the right angle to shine a flashlight to light up an area.

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Adding to this, it would be nice if the torch had a bright flare around the front when turned on at night, so that you could get somewhat blinded when somebody shined it on you.

A visible beam would also look awesome, especially if a foggy or rainy night:

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The texture map on the torch appears to have a self illumination

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Very bad, found people because of this. It screams in the night (even when off but in hands)

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Confirmed ;[

Mine works fine, I can switch off and on and it works like it should. One problem there is personally, that "light" button which is "L" for me, it doesn't work, I have to switch it off either with command bringing on screen, or manually go to inventory and right mouse button to switch off.

This issue has been fixed a while ago.