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Sardines are tuna and the tuna are sardines
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Just a small bug: The art for the can of tuna is what would normally be a can of sardines (rectangular with rounded corners) and the art for the sardines would really be tuna (round can). The art is simply switched on the two.
-Swap tuna and sardine can art.


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It just exists.

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this is actually really annoying, but it's a minor issue that can be fixed later.

As this issue seem simple to solve, it would be great to have it fixed!

already been reported please next time to use the search function

The fishes inside are correct though: the round can says sardines and has sardines inside and the rectangular says tuna and has tuna inside.

andy added a comment.Oct 10 2014, 2:31 PM

Indeed,this is not considered a bug.