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Some players able to use global VOIP
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Twice now I have heard a player who is able to use global VOIP. The first time, the player seemed unaware he was broadcasting. The second time the player to be attempting to use global voip.


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Unknown. I've heard it happen twice.

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I can back up the theory that it happens when you die, the last time I heard it happen the guy was talking about how he just died.

synk added a subscriber: synk.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM
synk added a comment.Dec 17 2013, 1:41 PM

Can confirm but cannot replicate.

Glata added a subscriber: Glata.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM
Glata added a comment.Dec 17 2013, 1:42 PM

I have done it and there are a few ways to trigger it:

  1. Commit Suicide and as you are on the You're Dead screen, commit suicide again. (This was told to me by my friend who triggered the bug and I can confirm I heard him in-game)
  1. Dying and re-spawning, it seems if you just die you can trigger it, to disable it no matter how you trigger the global VOIP, press control.

this happend to me as well. I think this needs to be a high priority as it ruins the game. The first time I joined someone was stuck and it was just them breathing, chewing, ect. Very annoying almost made me want to quit right then and there. This went out for 5min before I left to another server.

Yep, hearing a lot of players in voice chat yet none of them are near. This has happened to me several times on different servers.

Received and bugged up internally.

hicks16 added a subscriber: hicks16.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

It seems when a player dies and does not respawn or when a player goes unconscious and tries to talk all players in server can hear player talking in Voip. Also seems that when player is talking in global it kicks some players from server.

Bug ref (

I can confirm, it appears that they are not even using PTT either

A note to this, it seems that in the audio options, changing the slider for VOIP to completely off resolves. Direct chat still works with this slider dropped all the way down.

I heard a player who had his global mic on and I think he was broadcasting unconscious because he was arguing with his wife and meanwhile he was trying to mend to the baby which was beside him... I wasnt able to contact him to turn it down.

Nuksu added a subscriber: Nuksu.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM
Nuksu added a comment.Dec 17 2013, 7:35 PM

I can confirm. Me and my friend muted everyone on the server and it didn't help.

spede added a subscriber: spede.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM
spede added a comment.Dec 17 2013, 7:42 PM

Yeah, this is certainly a thing!

This also happened to me. And afterwards, the game crashes.

Greiss added a subscriber: Greiss.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

Yes, dead people can be heard across the hole server

Vakuya added a subscriber: Vakuya.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

Can confirm this. Heard a german dude talking randomly on global voice chat today. It seemed like he wasn't aware that he was broadcasting information as well.

NickH85 added a subscriber: NickH85.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

Can confirm also. Thought someone was speaking nearby but I could hear them even when I had traveled out of the town. Tried to speak back but I guess he didn't hear me.

Confirmed, I was able to replicate the bug by trying to use VON while loading the gameserver. Apparently it gets "stuck" and starts broadcasting in 'side channel'.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

but ive heard the broadcasting player saying to his buddy:"no i dont use voicechat ingame atm"
but he was talking all the time

Confirmed. Heard him say he wasn't using voice chat in game to his buddy also.

Uthwee added a subscriber: Uthwee.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

Confirmed, heard voices somewhere completly away from other players, a couple of seconds later my game crashed. (2 times this has happend)

I have experienced this issue on several servers. One one occasion my game client crashed to desktop shortly after

Muck added a subscriber: Muck.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM
Muck added a comment.Dec 18 2013, 1:17 PM

The Player gives noises with his nose and dont know, that some other player wil not hear it.

How to reproduce:

Use ingame VOIP while you die and respawn. This way you are able to use the VOIP globally.

Sufeewi added a subscriber: Sufeewi.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

I managed to do this when loading into a server and could keep global chat on until i changed it to direct again.

Rossums added a subscriber: Rossums.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

Developers are aware and it is being internally reviewed.

GenTroy added a subscriber: GenTroy.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

When this happens, me and my buddy each start at one end of the player list and mute and unmute players till we find who is transmitting. Temporary solution till fix is implemented.

It seems to be caused by holding down the talk key when you die then let go of the key, on respawn your voice gets sent over global without holding down they key (it stays on and there is no indication of it).

I had a russian guy talking all day. Was kinda fun though. :) Anyway, can confirm this incident is occuring.

Have this proble, it seem like people have their mic alway on, didn t tried to mute, maybe if I can connect one day I m gonna try...

This has happened to me multiple times.

Oh god yeah this happens, I was in a server today where this one guy somehow had global voip on constantly while he was on teamspeak... spamming the entire server constantly. I muted every player in the server and it did nothing.

Joeman4 added a subscriber: Joeman4.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

Confirmed doesnt happen often but defintley happens

I was able to mute one player successfully, but not the other. However, after muting everyone, I pressed escape for the main menu and the mic then went mute. After that, no problems.

Blaerah added a subscriber: Blaerah.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

Not gonna read all comments but I set the voice over network to zero on the audio settings and I could still hear people using direct chat.

nerkaid added a subscriber: nerkaid.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

Plus even if you mute all players in the game, you still can hear the global caster.

Just turn VOIP all the way down.

Happened 3 times now. Seems like most of the time they have no idea they are broadcasting.

VOIP of single players on several servers seemed to be gloabal, scared the heck outta me...

Hi there JJRimmer,

It is true that players are often unaware they are broadcasting.

The issue is players that are broadcasting in Direct when they are killed/respawn continue to broadcast but it uses the Global channel instead.

Cheers for feedback.

Confirmed, heard a dude talk finnish for 10 minutes before someone actually located and killed him.

kamuzai added a subscriber: kamuzai.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

This happens so many times. The player seems to be unaware that he is talking and it can be heard by everyone. It is so annoying because it scares you when it happens and there is no way to mute unless you leave the server.

I have the same situation too. That was so annoying.

BL1P added a subscriber: BL1P.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM
BL1P added a comment.Dec 20 2013, 4:14 AM

If you lower the VOIP slider in the configure options to Zero you can still hear people close to you but you no longer hear the people that are transmitting to everyone.

Hope this helps solve this somehow

Bloggz added a subscriber: Bloggz.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM

Can confirm, had to listen to some bloke gabble on as he was playing. Appeared he was unaware he was broadcasting to everyone.

Nux added a subscriber: Nux.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM
Nux added a comment.Dec 20 2013, 2:58 PM

Can confirm too, really annoying.

Who are the 10 idiots who voted this bug down?

BL1P added a comment.Dec 21 2013, 2:16 AM

The same 10 idiots who run around cherno shooting on sight ?

Nash added a subscriber: Nash.May 8 2016, 2:01 PM
Nash added a comment.Dec 21 2013, 3:42 PM

Confirmed, one of the most annoying things in the game right now.

so this bug wasn't fixed with the newest version?