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Clicking an issue in the "view votes" page links to the Arma 3 issue with that ID
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The issues in the "view votes" section of the DayZ feedback tracker all link to instead of e.g. mouse acceleration always on (ID 0000076) should link to but instead links to an Arma 3 issue about screen flashing at


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This is indeed very confusing at first

It all redirects, confirmed. Saw this earlier. Very silly overlook on launch day.

Glad this has been reported. I was keen to look at the top reported issues, rather than scroll through them all, while I am currently downloading in steam.

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To temporarily fix this simply replace "arma3" with "dayzgame".

So for this link it redirects to:

change it to:

I was wondering how all these arma3 issues ended up in the DayZ standalone :D

Instead you can type the ID from the URL in the 'Issue #' box and it will take you to that bug.

This should be fixed now