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Game randomly crashes/freezes forever
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I can play the game a while without any trouble, but after 10-60 minutes the game suddenly freezes and the sound of an windows error is hearable, but there is no error message popping up and i have to kill the not responding process.


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Happens randomly after a while... mostly when running around.
it happens on multiple servers as well.

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Exact Version: 0.28.113734

Since the game isn't starting (Direct X issue) using Windows 8.1 i run the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode + As Administrator + deactivate high dpi scaling (since it causes issues in Win 8).

This issue occurs more often in larger citys or near of many buildings espacially in Chernogorsk

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komin added a subscriber: komin.May 8 2016, 1:57 PM

To solve your problem we need dxdiag and files from this folder: "C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\DayZ\"

Can you pack the files in winrar and upload it somewhere please?
When the *.rar will be smaller than 2.097k, you can attach it here. Thank you.

When reporting please refer to "How to guide"

I've attached the files here thanks for your response :)

ritual added a subscriber: ritual.May 8 2016, 1:57 PM

Similar bug happening to me, I attached files as well (dxdiagrpt). I've been spawning in Kamenka every time I load in. I'll run around for a bit but I haven't managed to stay in game long enough to even make it out of Kamenka. The game will randomly freeze and I have to reset my computer from the tower to fix it.

I played about 6 hours yesterday with no issues.


Spawned and ran straight north out of Kamenka to see if maybe it was the town that was causing the crash, I made it about 5 minutes into the woods then crashed again.

I have to restart tower every time the crash happens.

Same happening to me as well, also crashes sometimes when I go into games or exit them. I have to restart my tower sometimes because the crash from DayZ seems to somehow start affecting my computer in general.

TriploA added a subscriber: TriploA.May 8 2016, 1:57 PM

Same here, but there is no DXDIAG file created uppon crash...

I looked for one and I don't think there was one for me either

We both have a big problem then... they ask for this file in all the issues related to these graphic crashes...

is it a graphics problem?

I think so, but it's not related to not being able to run the game. The dxdiag is a file that tells what happened, a crash report, and we both can't seem to find it...

You don't find the dxdiag file, you have to make it.

Go to the start menu, then run-->dxdiag.exe

A window will pop up, click save information, then you upload the text file that it generates, along with the rpt file from your appdata

don't forget to vote this up

I thought no one besides me had this kind of crash... I'm glad to know I'm not alone, maybe they find a fix soon? Also, all my video cards are updated, just checked. Thank you ritual!

EDIT: I just uploaded it.

beside described above i got today the message "dayz stopped working" and an "out of memory exception"

This issue was processed by our team and is being looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

komin added a comment.Dec 18 2013, 3:56 PM

Ok guys I need to ask you one more thing. Can you describe place where your game freezed/crashed? Name of the village, landmark or anything else which can help us to determine exact spot would be great. Thank you.

For me it crashed everywhere, there was no exact place, but it was more frequent when sprinting and running.

It crashed in Kamenka, in the streets (no matter which ones), near the shore, everytime I respawned.

Would Crash randomly in different places but mostly either when I'm on the loading screen to get into a game or exiting out of one.

I had to reformat yesterday for unrelated reasons, and when I re-installed the game was working just fine. This was after the patch last night, so I can't verify if it was the reformat or the patch that fixed it, but it's working for me now :D

today it crashed mostly in near of big citys like Cherno or Elektro (almost immediatly after entering)

AddeKG added a subscriber: AddeKG.May 8 2016, 1:58 PM

Same problem here, was fine last night and all morning...then it started freezing again, and now i cant play more than 10 seconds before freezing.
All kinds of places, completely random.

Sometimes i have to reboot my pc as well...sometimes it wont launch firefox or anything after a crash.

No message at all, just freezes, game sound continues as normal...task manager say "not responding"

Im using Win 7.

im using windows 8 and untill today its been working fine with no problems but since steam has installed the new patch ending 113822 now every time i log in the game freeze's after 10 seconds of loading in and the moment i move my character it locks up and i have to alt f4 or tab down to get out but ive had no other problems before this patch.

AddeKG, I have the exact same problem. Affects browsers opening open after exiting crash and other things. This really needs to be fixed. I can't test the game if I can't even get into it :(

Almost the same here, my browsers keep working, but the crash sounds like the same (can only hear the sound and have to kill the game)...

I'm using 2 monitors if that changes anything, and when the game crashes my second screen that has usually Chrome open gets super bright and I have to restart that screen.

Is anyone else using 2 monitors?

Edit: nothing related to the monitors, I disabled one of them and still get the crash...

I updated the drivers that just came out for Radeon HD Cards but still crashes. Mostly when I just start up in a server :(. Then I can't really open anything, steam crashes. Google Chrome stays white when open. These side effects from the crash go away sometimes after some time or me closing explorer.exe and making a new one in task manager. I don't have the faintest idea what could be causing this at all.

This issue was processed by our team and is being looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

When I play DayZ sometimes it decides to crash my chrome, ts and steam for no apparent reason and after that proceeds to freeze/crash itself and often loops a sound.

After this have happened I need to restart my computer in order to get any of these programs running again or else they just refuse to launch.

This is the only game that's ever done this and I have tried to launch it in compatability mode(XP servicepack 2 and 3 and Win 7) and in admin mode aswell.

It seems to crash my other programs often as I connect to a server.

Does anything in the new update is have any affect on this issue?

I just saw some other people saying it started crashing after the update, but other than that it changed nothing I suppose...

No I meant the one that's coming in thats not implemented yet

Well I'm trying it now on the experimental servers and it seems to be fixed, we might have had multiple information being sent twice to mutiplayer servers. Keep the hopes high.

GREAT! Those guys are really the MOST supportive I have ever seen... seriously... I've never seen people who care so much about bugs and that try so hard to help everyone the quickest way possible... thank you komin and everyone else involved to spend time trying to fix these crashes!

BTW though, I don't know if my game crashes everywhere because I could not leave the area near Kamenka since the release due to the bugs. :S

Too soon to tell in my case, sometimes i can play for hours and then all of a sudden it freezes every 10 seconds (restart of game or in some cases PC needed).

I've never been able to play for more than 10 minutes, not even on the experimental servers gthunda told was working.

nope just joined and crashed twice in 10 min...Ive got some more information about the error though, seems like skype goes down for a moment most of the time as well, and my browser cant find pages any more, could it be some rare router overload of some kind? I will try ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew next time see if it catches up again :)

Edit: no luck with that...but all network based programs stopps working as the game crash.

Yea I crashed again as well :(

(When I play DayZ sometimes it decides to crash my chrome, ts and steam for no apparent reason and after that proceeds to freeze/crash itself and often loops a sound.

After this have happened I need to restart my computer in order to get any of these programs running again or else they just refuse to launch.)

Same here, i have win7 64 bit, 580SLI

Today it crashed near of Krasnostav

I got average every hour a game freez.
So I had a lot of stuff...
Like m4A1 + acro sight, 60 x 5,56 mm rounds
Green pans, hoddie, backpack large, lot of food, water, 4x bandages, pistol, can opener, bloodpack, knew my bloodgroup xD, gas-mask, tatical vest...
My game freez when I was shooting at a Zombie. So restart Game...all equip lost...Zombie probably killed me...
My friend told me after crash I still Ingame for 10 sec. so THAT IS RLY BULLSHIT!!! Pls fix that bug =)
Also when I log into character is early Ingame as I see what´s going on. So IF I connect it is possible to get shoot or death by Zombie before seeing anything!!!
Greets and u can do it =)

Ronys2 added a subscriber: Ronys2.May 8 2016, 1:58 PM

Myself and my Wife keep getting random PC reboots since the last update. The debug pointed to the Nvidia 331.82 driver failing. I did clean re-installs on both PC's of the driver and am still getting it. Game will be going along just fine, and then black screen, few second later PC reboots, No BSOD to be seen. Usually happens after an extended period of playing ~30min or so. I would say perhaps it has something to do with SLI, but my wife's PC isn't SLI'ed. It doesn't seem to matter what we are doing in game when it happens, could be moving across a field, or kneeling and picking something up, or even just sitting.

Both PC's running Win 7 x64
Wife PC - evga 780
My PC - 2 evga 780 Hydrocopper SLI

*(note) I'm about to try the nvidia beta 331.93 to see if that helps.
*(note 2) Since going to the nvidia beta driver I haven't randomly rebooted.

Actually it crashes every few seconds in Cherno or in near of it -.-

Edit: Sometimes i see confirmation of changes screen now (added screenshot)

Edit2: Looks like Screenshot can't be saved when this happens...

Edit3: sometimes i get an out of memory exception although i still have 10GB of Ram availble.

hamai added a subscriber: hamai.May 8 2016, 1:58 PM
hamai added a comment.Dec 22 2013, 5:59 PM

I join you fellas. That cfreeze crash happen to me. I ave to kill it with taskmanager then, chrome, steam and spotify stop working for a while.

My DayZ started crashing my Skype and Chrome after a Steam complete reinstall, and it also changes my Windows Color Scheme to basic when I launch the game.

Additionally I get the message: “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”, I use AMD, all drivers are updated, and it only happens with DayZ, I already checked the troubleshooting section at AMD Support.

I can play some. Within 1-5 minutes. The process steam, chrome and dayz crashed. I've tried beta and olds nvidia graphics drivers but still the same. I have also tried to disable SLI, even put the graphics settings to the minimum.

Windows7 64

Guys, I don't know for you, but try downloading a program like GPU-Z or something like that and keep an eye out to your GPU temperature...

My video card supports a maximum of 85ºC, and the game crashed when it reached 83ºC... strange, this only happens with DayZ, the rest of games keep the heat around 75ºC.

My Cards don't go over 45c even in DayZ

In my case is not an issue of temperatures, I have all my equipment under liquid cooling, and I use games with higher requirements.

Me too, but I just checked... my card is an 7970, it can easily run DayZ without temperature issues but something is causing this, I run Arma 3 with no issues at maximum graphic settings...

if the card heats up that doesn't explain the problem with programs having trouble opening that connect to the internet. I don't see why that would affect these programs.

Yeah ive got a 780 with 3 fans, heat is not the issue.

I have also issues with frezeing. Sometimes freeze while starting the game (after Bohemia Interactive), sometimes when message about Early access shows, randomly in menu or in the world. When I try to kill it by using Task manager I fail because a can't click anywhere with my mouse so only solution ofr me is logout from windows. It started few day ago. Now I can't play at all :(

Seems to be related to my router, when i bypass the router going straight from the modem to my pc the game runs fine...Im using a D-Link DIR-615

My router is a DLINK DIR-655 if that matters.

Both D-Link...could be an incompability issue there perhaps..

My router is a Linksys

I'm using a DLink DIR 600

Reinstalling Steam solved my freezing during game startup. But still have same problem as Subject42. Freeze sometimes after 5min, sometimes after 60 min. ...

I feel like people have posted multiple problems here.

Pugnax added a subscriber: Pugnax.May 8 2016, 1:58 PM
Pugnax added a comment.Jan 1 2014, 9:09 PM

Im having a similar problem or the same i suppose.

Both DayZ and steam bootstrapper goes "Not Responding" when i press something in the menu before entering a game.

Can also happen right after i get loaded into the game, i take 1 step forward and it crashes. But it also seems that ingame i am not removed. As when i finaly manage to get in, i am far away from where i was. Wich i am guessing is because ingame i am still running. This has also beem comfirmed by people i play with. I say im crashed and i keep on running for a long time.

Iam on the latest version as of 01.01.14. But problem has been there since start, just worse over the holidays

is there any update on this we can get?

ever since the new stable branch was implemented - god what a nuisance it is, having the game "choke", and eventually freeze up and stop responding

I can confirm that it is a router or internet problem. I recently went back to school to Tallahasse and the problem has resolved itself. My router back where I was over the break was a 2WIRE or something like that.

The problem seems to be fixed for me it didn't occur for weeks now (since 114) :)

So id did also uploaded my files here. "Dayz crash report"
"Game does crash sometimes. Also i have got out of memory error and crash few minutes after that. That did happen more often at the beginning of the launch. Now its better and happen more rarely, maybe its something to do with game options." Windows 8.1 64bit

Same for me i thought that is my GFX overheating then i switched to another GPU card and still after 40-60 min of gameplay game freeze and i got Black screen with sound from game ( iam still in game but my monior is black ) and sometimes it turn my PC off.

Cards tested : Nvidia 260GT , Nvidia Gt430 ( latest drivers ) - On low settings - no overheating 45-62°C

NickH85 added a subscriber: NickH85.May 8 2016, 1:58 PM

Any news on this guys? I haven't been able to play DayZ since early February. The bug report I added to was merged into this one (0008188 - see notes in that report with dump etc..). I have been trying to play the game the last hour or so and it's still crashing about 15 min :/

Still occuring, I can confirm that this started for me with the patch where they fixed the memory leak issue. Game crashes within a game minutes of gameplay. I have found a solution. Clock the memory on the GPU down and/or lower the GPU memory in your ingame video settings. I am not saying that this is alright however. It has been many patches since that patch, lets get the engine fixed before adding features.

Thanks mintypie007, I'll try lowering the GPU memory when I'm next on and see if that works (I think I have it at auto at the moment).

Hey folks,

if anyone here is still experiencing crashes please submit fresh crashdumps.

To do so, please first delete the contents of this folder:


Then, run the game and and once you crash, once again zip/rar the files in the same file location:


and upload them to this issue along with a dxdiag report of your machine.

Once we receive the new sets of files, we will investigate.


Mine just crashed again, randomly and without warning (Dayz.exe has stopped working). This is after I changed video memory from auto to 2048 (equal to my video ram I have).

I did upload multiple crash reports to a ticket which I added to some time ago, and uploaded updated dumps after each crash, although that ticket was merged into this thread (

Thanks :)

Hi Nick,

your crash is different to the previous one. It is actually quite odd and seems to be caused by your hardware/software interfering with the game.

First, please try reinstalling the game and run cc cleaner or some such cleaning software.

If that doesn't work, please unplug your Plantronics headphones and try uninstalling any software tied to it to see if that fixes it because the crash may be caused by some interference in audio outputs.

Ideally, please submit another issue along with the files you reuploaded here and post a link to the issue here in the comments. We can discuss it further there.

Thank you!

Hi Accolyte,

Thanks for the reply. I will try your suggestions once I get a chance (last month of project work for uni so really busy atm) and let you know as soon as I can.

Thank you :)