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Climbing a ladder will take your in hand item.
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A bug I have ran into 3 times out of 3. First time I came to a ladder I had a flash light in hand. Once I got onto the ladder the flash light sort of attached it's self to the wall. I could not get it back after I got off the ladder.

Second time I tried climbing a ladder. Same thing happened only this time it took my battery and not the flash light. Third time I had a gun in hand a pistol. Found it on top of fire station roof in cherno. Got on ladder and climb down. Weapon was gone. Got back on ladder and back onto rood. The gun was on the floor by the top of the ladder. So I picked it up had it in hand. Got on ladder again got of ladder and again gun was gone. Looked on floor and it was no wear to be seen.


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Simply get on a ladder with a item in hand. Items I tried this with was a pistol and a flash light with a battery attached.

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Happened to me when i climbed to a train cart(choochoo).

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Confirming this as well.

Climbing ladders with the torch in your hand will cause your character to put away their torch, and a static beam of light will emit from the last position your torch was at before you began the climbing animation.

Exiting the ladder you no longer have the torch in your hands.

Moving the torch from your inventory back into your hand slot will get rid of the light beam left by the ladder.

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Confirmed for me as well. Every ladder seems problematic.

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afaik your character will try to put the weapon he has in hands in the inventory when going on a ladder. if there's no space it might disappear.

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Can't confirm: I was able to climb ladders multiple times with a canned food in my hand while my inventory was full so that I couldn't fit the canned food anywhere else.

Has happened to me. Although few times I have managed to climb ladder with rifle in hands (plus rifle on back). Doesn't seem unreasonable. Your hands need to be used for climbing, you can't hold something while you climb if you don't have room in your bag.


I wasn't able to reproduce this issue on the internal build. Please wait for the next update and try it again then.

Let me know in case you'd be able to reproduce it again.