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unit special field: "none" shoud be different than "in formation"
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In 2D classic editor (I didn't test on eden), when you create a group and choose "none" instead of "in formation", the units regroup themselves in V standard formation!
It's weird. The units should stay where they are supposed to be, until leader orders "regroup".
At this time, special field "in formation" or "none" doesn't make difference.


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Place civilians, or any side you want, any type of unit, spread on map, group them, each with "none" in special field.

They will regroup in V formation at mission start!

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That's by design.

Special none does not change group formation, it simply makes units not spawn in the formation on mission start. You'll have to command them to stop.

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So it's a weird design, imao.
A logical way is to have to order "regroup" after mission start, not "stop".

For example, place cars in your group, "none" as special, let the mission start.
Cars are moving as they can before you join.
If "none" units could stay where they are in editor, you could manage better orders.

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2D Editor is discontinued.

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