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[EDEN] Provide More Usability for BIS_fnc_3DENNotification
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Currently the 3DENNotification function is rather limited in terms of what you can do with it.

Pretty much the only option you have is a custom message and whether it's a warning or not.

Working on an EDEN Editor plugin of mine, I wanted the ability to make my own notifications thus I wrote a function for it.

Of course now I can simply use my own function, but it would be nice if we could have similar functionality natively available. I'm fairly certain others would like to see this feature.

I have attached the function I wrote as well as an example image of how it's used and how it looks.

This is the very first function I have ever written, so it's far from perfect and is just to provide an example of how flexible it could be {F28024} {F28025}


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