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When in vehicle, you cannot put on night vision to its slot
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When in vehicle you cannot move your night vision goggles from inventory to NV slot, same goes to some glasses (still testing).


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Get night vision googles, move them in inventory, get in any vehicle, try to move NVG to NVG slot.

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Im not sure but in the jet it is not possible while flying.

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Yes, but you know, whelled and tracked vehicles....

Can't confirm with the current RC version. 1.56.134375
Worked fine with Marshall and T-100 at least.

edit. NO! Doesn't work after all.
You can move stuff between vehicle inventory and your containers & slots. But if you try to move, for example, NVG from backpack to its slot, icon doesn't appear there. But if you exit the vehicle and open the inventory, the goggles appear correctly assigned to the slot.

If you try to do this with two or more items, only the first will be there after disembarking. Eg. move a helmet to its slot, then NVG, exit, and only the helmet is on your head.

Additionally, after trying to assign a helmet, some other items also stop working, like weapon attachments.

Helicopter, it seems that is not possible too.