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[Feature Request] Condition of presence, wasted potential
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I just played around with the condition of presence attribute and noticed that it only checks the condition once during mission initialisation. That's good and all, but in my oppinion this attribute could be way more powerful if it would check the condition constantly through out the mission. That way one could easily reinforce areas if the player was detector (just an example)

Let me know what you think about that.


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I think I know what your after but can't you do that with the spawn module anyway?

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You mean the spawn AI module ? I don't think so.

Definately not! The 'Condition of Presence' can only be true or false. Either there is a chance the unit is present at mission start or it is not. If it is true, then the 'Probability of Presence' gives the percentage chance that the unit will spawn. This allows for a lot of variability in the mission start conditions and adds a huge amount to the replayability of any well constructed mission.

Reinforcements are better properly handled by use of the Trigger mechanics and the various 'Spawn AI*' modules. Adding something else that requires '...check the condition constantly through out the mission...' can have no positive effects on performance and the implementation can only have detrimental effects.

At worst, the constant checks can kill a mission by themselves, but the bigger issue is having units spawn in at their initial spawn points at random times throughout a mission with no reference to the ongoing flow.

Having units suddenly spawn in behind you in areas that you have expended a good deal of effort to ensure are clear is a tactic of far lesser engines.

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