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Script error in team switching (TeamSwitch.sqf)
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While testing the Eden editor for the first time today I ran into a script error when I accidentally opened the team switching UI (U key):

_playerObject = player;>
18:41:45 Error Undefined variable in expression: _selectedunit
18:41:45 File A3\ui_f\scripts\TeamSwitch.sqf, line 124
18:41:45 Error in expression <vehicleOfSelectedUnit = typeOf (vehicle _selectedUnit);


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start a new mission in the eden editor
  2. Place a unit on opfor and blufor, then right click > "play as" one of them
  3. Open the team switch UI and hit escape to back out
  4. Kill the opposing unit
  5. Open the team switch UI again
Additional Information

Some of the repro steps are likely unnecessary, but this is the exact scenario I was in when I ran into this.

If those don't work, it's also possible that I had a unit highlighted in the UI and it died while the UI was open.

Game version was release branch, but marked as dev here.

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This should be fixed.

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