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Aiming DeadZone Bug- auto centre when aiming down sights.
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This bug became present in version 1.55.133908 (Dev Branch).
Aiming deadzone works fine other than when you look down your sights and hold right mouse button to zoom it auto centres your weapon, pretty darn annoying :-P.
Just done some more testing and this problem happens also when you just zoom in with right mouse button.

EDIT: Duplicate of T119242


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bump, issue is still present in latest dev branch

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when it will be fixed?(

How come this went from assigned to reviewed?, does that mean this may not get fixed ?.

Assigned - an older status taken from old FT, as this was only one compatible it had this status

Reviewed - new status for bugs that have been looked into and have been issued for a fix

ahh right, thanks for responding!

This is still an issue as of 1.68

Any news on this issue ?

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Unfortunately this is stilll not fixed.

Is this unfixable?

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The fact that this is still not being fixed is unacceptable and impacts severely on the realism of the movement mechanics of the game.
I'd suggest changing, if possible, the severity to major.

Bump, it's not a wishlist, it's an issue because it's a feature in the base game that broke after one of the updates, it's been 4 years without fix

@Astaroth could you inform us about what is going on with it? i hoped for 2.02 update to fix it

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Both videos are dead, making it a duplicate of this ticket which still has videos working

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