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Launcher should be able to log in into steam
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One thing I find quite annoying is the fact that any time I want to subscribe to a mod from within the launcher, it requires me to login into Steam and wait for the Steam Guard code. I wonder whether it would be possible to allow the launcher to login directly into Steam. I mean, it's possible to access the Workshop without login from within the game, and since the launcher is distributed together with the get the point.

If this creates potential risk, maybe an option in the launcher settings, one can set?


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Launcher not the game doesn't have the information needed to access Steam account directly nor it intends to store them. The game accesses the Workshop page through Steam Overlay which is run by the Steam client, Launcher doesn't have that option and the other options Steam offer are not good enough. In the past Launcher was able to open Workshop page in Steam client directly, but we were forced to removed that feature as Valve did some changes which broke that functionality for us and it became unusable.

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