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Smoke screen on vehicles should block aquire from ATGM launchers
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Smoke screen used in modern military vehicles is able to cover the vehicles from the ATGM guided by SACLOS, IR, WIRE, every guided thread in this game. Right now if rocket is fired, player have zero chances to hide or mislead the rocket. Smoke gives nothing to titan launchers, no barier, aquire and lock is still possible even after biggest smoke screen.

In real life, if shooter quired target and shooted missle, then tank launched smoke, missle should not seen its target and hit its last known position. {F27775} {F27776}


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Steps To Reproduce

Spawn Any MBT and enemy AT guy with titan AT launcher
Launch smoke screen in the tank
You will be hitted anyway.

Additional Information

In repro mission launch smoke in first seconds and watch, this is what should happen (require fix):

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Yes, duplicate with better description, repro mission, and video, maybe it will not be ignored like this duplicate from 2013....

Maybe the reason for ignoring it wasn't the description, repro and video?

You could add them to the original ticket too.

Just saying: Wire guided missiles like the tow do not really care about smoke at all unless the rocket is in or behind it.
Currently the rockets should lose lock but the still fly with the latest informatio means the last know speed and position of the target.

Edit: if im right there should be a option for obstructing view for AI why not use this one as it is just very dense smoke.

Just like i sayed, SACLOS aiming at last known position, so if i deploy smoke, and move few meters in any direction, its unable to hit me. Its main tactics of defense against giuded missles. Its milsim, right?

Ok thats a small difference. I meant MCLOS.

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By 2035, there will be missiles that contains all the useful systems and probably the new ones, that you can't defend your vehicle with a smoke anymore, that's a poor idea actually. so you should use an Active Protection System, Jammers and something that not invented in 2016

I remember that saw a jammer on UH-80, I was following him on Hellcat and fired few DARs, and they clearly flew just aside a sphere of the UH-80, that was cool, but I have no idea if it's still in the game.


new radar mechanics -

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New missle system = new active protection system. This is maked one by one. Smoke screen on tanks is made to defend against IR guidance missles. Only GPS tagerting could defend it, but none of available in game weapon have such ability. Take in account modded content as well, for example CUP or RHS, where you cant defend against javelin, or other Guided missles, It need to be fixed. Otherwise even mod makers could not do anything further.

I just add something i wrote in the radar system ticket:
What i meant is first value is some kind of radar signature value or how detectable a vehicle is. Second value is how good is the Radar of the vehicle.
The idea would be that the detection range would be calculated by both values.
For example Blackfoot has a signature of 25% (its a hypothetic value) and a Tigris has a detector with 100% (AA should have the best detectors). The max range is about 5km currently. So at all the tange is 25%*100%=25% its about 1.25km.
Same with a littlebird. Its has for example a detector with 50% so the range would be 0.625km so mostly direct view.
For balancing i would like to see all maximum radar ranges to be made bigger so big planes are visible further away and stealth vehicles are visible at about 2 to 4 km. Btw no random value needed and also that funtion could be client side and in a different thread. It would be like the main thread gives all the radar values the second thread creates a sheme for the radar and gives it back to the main thread. Hope any devs can understand what i mean.

There comes a new Missle protection system: Chaffs could temporarily disable radar contact so radar guided AA rockets will loose lock, BUT when the chafs are gone the lock could be aquired again. That means you have to time your CM good to make them effective. Same for Smoke smoke has already the option of obscuring AIs view so why not say it can obscure the view of missiles.

Im not talking about APS on purpose because its quite difficult to manage compared to working CMs. BTW CUP has a working C-RAM if im correct so it is technically possible.

Edit: when using specially designed smoke there is no possibility of hitting a target behind it but just beeing lucky. Current CM smokes blocks: IR, Radar, View and laser designation.

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^^^ Thats what i'm talking about, thanks @TheMasterofBlubb

Hmm i agree, the lock should break if the thermal signature is covered.

The US Army field manual FM 3-50(90) has charts of electro-optical systems and the types of obscurants that defeat them.

Especially useful are page 7, page 54-B, and page 73.

Page 7 has a convenient chart of obscurant effects on sensors.

According to the chart, every type of electro-optical system, including X-rays, is disrupted by at least one type of obscurant.

Besides, even if there is advanced technology that is not affected by any type of obscurant, independent factions and insurgents employ older technology, which is still affected by obscurants.