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Textures/objects flicker when looking around/objects disappear
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thank you for your feedback. Are you able to observe similar flickering when running game without any mods?

Thank you

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Yes, there is no difference between mods/noMods

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Uploaded two more pictures.

Any update on whether you were able to reproduce the issue, or is it caused by the AMD drivers ?


thank you for the feedback. I was able to reproduce the issue, it is going to be examined.

Thank you for the links.

Would it be possible that you include position coordinates for the places that seem to be most affected by this?

Thank you.

R3vo added a comment.Jan 25 2016, 2:10 PM

Okey, here are !some! of the positions. First entry in the array is the exact position, 2nd entry is the direction.

[[16906.1,12748,0.00146294],357.292] when the gate is open
when both gates are open
[[16880.6,12827,0.00148201],216.955]when both gates are open
Turn left and right, and watch the car wreck
[[16778.9,12613.2,0.00157547],193.74]grass lod changes constantly
move back and forth and watch the grass, it changes the lod

That's all for now.

Damn, creating this ticket made me extremely sensetive to this issue. I see flickering objects everywhere now :D

When you check out those positions, you'll notice that most of them are located in and around Pyrgos. I notice this issue there most, however, I don't think it's limited to that town.
In addition, I find it strange that the LOD of objects changes when I turn my character, I always thought it's depending on the distance between player and object.

I'm seeing similar effects using an Nvidia GTX 970.

This behaviour has been introduced sometime in the past month or so, I do not recall seeing it previously.

Thank you for the location coordinates and videos. Your feedback was now submitted with the additional info.

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