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HideObjectGlobal doesn't work anymore in preview or SP mission or JIP in MP
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HideobjectGlobal is fine on server in MP but not when running preview or playing as SP mission or even for JIP in MP.


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write if !(isServer) exitwith {}; this hideObjectGlobal true in an object/unit init field. Run preview or SP mission or when in MP, look at this object after JIP.
I know the condition if !(isServer) exitwith {}; makes the JIP can't run this init field, but hideObjectGlobal should work in SP and JIP as well, according to BI documentation.

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This Command does only work on a multiplayer-platform. You need to run it on your server. (e.g. in the init.sqf (serverside)). Afaik, you have to name the units/objs or use the static ID of the objects to let the server know who/what you wanna hide.

Our hideobjectglobal.sqf script is working well on server and/or HC.


alternate syntax worked in SP in previous update, i don't know why they disabled it now.

You can use hideobject in SP instead :)

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G00golplexian, I named units/objects to hide, in editor, (in order to reveal them further with a script) but this is not the same solution as for bis_fnc_setTask issue, unfortunately.
Furthermore, hideObject is not a solution when you're trying to script a SP/COOP mission :)

If you have time, just in basic preview/SP, add a some_object hideObjectGlobal true with editor, car, helo or any vehicle. Jump into it and have a good time!

In MP, as i wrote, JIP is broken if JIP doesn't run the hideObjectGlobal. That means you have choice between:

  • firing hideObjectGlobal on server (i tried only hosted one) and JIP can see the "hidden" object;
  • firing hideObjectGlobal in init, for everyone, and JIP will reset the object status if this one has evolved via scripts. A revealed object will return hidden.

Fixed in today's dev.