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Dedicated Server Crash
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Since the new Update 1.54 our Dedicated Server is Crashing without an Error Message or with an Out of Memory Error. The Server only Crashes if there are around 30 Players or more online after ~1,5-2 hours. The RPT is beeing Spamed with Server: Object x:xx not found (message Type_119) Messages and the RPT file grows. (Even abrove 500k lines and 37MB filezize).

The Server is running with Mods but even without Mods the Server is Crashing and i dont have an Idea how to Fix it.

I added the RPT Files and the bidmp and mdmp Files of two Crashes. {F27517} {F27518} {F27519} {F27520}


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Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

Start Server

Let 30 or more People Connect
Wait 2 Hours
Server Crash

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confirmed on our server.
crashes anytime between 20 and 180 minutes.
Yesterday it crashed right after infistar kicked everyone before restart, so it cant be player interaction.

Uploaded crash reports from to different roots with -memram changes and memoryalloctor changes but everything fails... server randomly crash and thats so silly....

Confirmed. Memory rises to about 1.75GB and then it crashes, cause the 32bit app can't handle more than 2GB RAM.

Please release a hotfix very soon. This is a serious problem.


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Confirmed, happening to our servers as well. If there are less than 40 people it could stay up for 7+ hours. If there are 50,60-70 players you can count on a 2hour||1hour crash. If after the crash the server immediately fills back up, you can almost bet on a crash 1hr after.

*Worth noting*
-Windows Server 2012/x64, plenty RAM, SSD, etc.
-Infistar running
-using default mem allocator

As a developer, when you roll out a patch and there is this much "discontent" - you humbly roll back. And go back to the drawing board. <3.

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confirmed on our server too

damn :/

confirmed for my dedicated server too.. same problem!

Confirmed on our server too...
No one wahts to play anymore... Thx BI!

Confirmed on our 100slot altis life server since patch 1.54

Confimed, This is also occurring on my 100 slot Altis Life server.

I have tried all Memory Allocators and the only one that doesn't crash with out of memory error is nedmalloc_bi. However nedmalloc_bi still crashes by kicking people from my server.

An affiliated Altis Life community that I am involved with said it may be the crate B_supplyCrate_F. Perhaps this may have some merit for servers that are using this crate such as Altis Life. But if this is the cause of the Altis Life servers why would it effect alot of the other game modes such as Exile and Epoch.

G00golplexian dont write things if you dont know.
32bit Applications can handle about 3.5GB RAM if they get such called Large Memmory Aware Flag that is in Arma since Arma 2.

Dear TheMasterofBlubb,

didn't know that Arma is using this Option. But be aware that the default configuration is still 2GB, w/o that option :)


Hey guys Ive uploaded all my RPTs and BIBMPs.

I have tried everything now to fix the issue.

Ive even tried a Vanilla Altis Life 4.0 with no modifications or textures. It did last for ages before crashing however it did end up crashing with out of memory.

Thats right but Arma 2 already had this option. So there is some other problem. Still i assume that Altis Life has an error. Im playing an many servers and have almost 0 problems. But still there is a known and reproduced bug with remoteexec and deleting vehicle. That should be the main problem.

RPT of latest crash

Fix this Dwarden please!

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Same with Sari's Dragons CTI server :/

Hey Everyone.

I have been doing quite a bit of testing with this issue, and so everyone is aware I host Altis Life server. We have been plagued with these crashes. On average from 10 minutes to an hour at best.

I have done quite abit of research into what has been happening and One thing stands out, Windows.

As such I wanted to confirm my findings by setting up a server hosted under linux. So I purchased a VPS with Ubuntu pre-installed and installed my server on that. And the results were shocking to say the least.

Not one crash at all. Desync just as you'd expect from a low grade VPS server but that server survived without a crash for upto 7 hours where it was restarted normally.

This issue has been around since late July. Not sure why but there was evidence of this issue back then. So Bohemia Interactive this has something to do with the way ARMA is trying to store data to memory under a Windows Based environment.

Also anyone experiencing this issue. grab a VPS server with what you afford and or use HyperV to run ARMA under Ubuntu or other linux based OS

Uploaded crashes with performance v6 (Crash_withV6.rar).

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yes i have the same error this part
Server: Object 18:8 not found (message Type_91)
Server: Object 21:3 not found (message Type_119)
keeps spamming about since july non stop with or without custom mods, then after not so much server will end up crashing like disconnects or Fault address: 68A6E79F 01:000DD79F X:\arma3\PhysX3_x86.dll. or Memory cant read type of crashs for users aswell

Server: Object 18:8 not found (message Type_91) errors like that are common in ARMA 3. This happens when an object is deleted by something that isn't the owner. The owner of the object in this case the server can't locate it. This has little influence on the out of memory crashes.

We are still having this problem too as of Jan 9th 2016

Since we're using Dwarden's Performance binary our server is running without a crash. All day long.

...mine isn't, and I'm also using the v7 performance binary.

How is it BI hasn't commented on such an important issue?

Check out Performance build v8.

If the v8s fix the issue, how come they aren't being rolled out as standard?

Why are you not reading the change logs of the Performance build? That would answer your question.

Where are the change logs?

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