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AI know exactly where you are again.
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AI have become hyper aware again. There was a big difference in playing the marksman showcase between 1.52 and 1.54. In 1.52 they needed a few rounds from your gun to pinpoint where you were, now it's like the moment one of the group members gets hit they know exactly who shot them and from where.

There's one dude behind the initial compound building who's also great at tracking me. I go around the right, and he knows I'm there, I go around the left and he knows I'm there. This isn't fair because for players footstep sounds from other players or AI don't carry clearly that far (25m+) without the risk of hearing damage from gunfire.

I did more testing with both an APC (Gorgon) and an INDFOR infantry squad. I tested on stratis, putting the AI on the road next to the petrol pump. I took position on the hill between the pump and the airbase. I was an OPFOR sniper.

CASE 1: Infantry
I shot once and missed. AI panicked but didn't do much, went back to a relaxed mode.
Then I killed one of the AI. They started looking around.
Then, two of the three ran straight at me, right up to my exact location ( prone next to a rock). They take a winded path according to the terrain.

One of them overshoots me by a few feet and then comes back, stands right next to me and then tries to shoot me, misses from point blank range, and then his buddy shoots us both.

The Gorgon is facing the town. I shot once from behind a small rock (prone) at its rear tire. Its turret instantly starts turning towards me and shoots me.
I restart, then shoot again, but this time I instantly duck behind the rock and switch to Splendid Camera. The turret turns towards me, can't find me, looks around, then the APC drives into the water.
The turret is now facing out to sea, away from me. I shoot its camera.
5 seconds later I'm dead.

AI inside the APC should not be able to pinpoint where the fire is coming from so easily, because you can't hear much inside the APC. For humans it's very difficult to do this (in the game, I mean).

Similarly, the infantry shouldn't come to investigate the *exact* location from which the shot was fired, especially if they weren't even looking in that direction.


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Ai knowsabout increases fast when seeing a new enemy (player for example). This was linked to distance but i'm not sure it's still the case.

In absolute, distance, stance, noise (walking, firing,speaking..), night vision, day blurring,obstacles of course, but also status (wounded)... should lead to a rate of knowsabout and a max knowsabout;

max knowabout (4) is held for 6 minutes if i'm right, even if the player hides behind a wall and try to surround the unit. The knowsabout should decrease instantaneously from 4 to 1.6 (or accurate with the simple loss of sight), then regularly to 0;

Presently, knowsAbout falls from 4 to 0 after the 6? minutes delay. A more progressive level could be fine.

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I think the idea was that vehicles in 2035 won't be as they are now, you can easily place 4 thermal cameras covering each side of the armored vehicle, that allows you to orientate the position of enemies in close range. The only difference is that players can't access this "technology". Yea, probably the problem just in the way code created. But I gave you an idea about how combat vehicles could be equipped. There is nothing that can't prevent you from placing thermal cameras, it's not a cheating, just the way to save lives.

Also ability to actually damage the camera of vehicles would be great, I meant the camera for targeting, you can't damage it with just a rifle.

I would like to be sure Arma's engine is able to make difference between 2 vehicles, one equipped with thermal cams, the other not!

Same for Lights on by night, in regard of "knowsabout" on each side (hunter/target).

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