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BIS_fnc_MP not firing when passed 'playableUnits + switchableUnits' as objects
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BIS_fnc_MP does not appear to fire when there are more than 10 switchable units on the map and this is passed as an array of objects to the function. e.g.

["Hello World 1","hint",(playableUnits + switchableUnits)] call BIS_fnc_MP;

Will output no hint to the player in single-player testing. Having less than 10 switchable units present appears to process the command correctly.

This was not an issue before the 1.54 update. {F27463}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Run sample mission attached, 'Hello World 1' hint will not be displayed, but 'Hello World 2' will be shown.
  1. Delete one of the switchable units in the editor.
  2. Preview mission.
  3. Both hints will then be shown to the player.

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I have also some errors I didn't see before:
14:32:14 Error in expression <target,_isPersistent];
_params remoteExec [_functionName,_target,_isPer>
14:32:14 Error position: <remoteExec [_functionName,_target,_isPer>
14:32:14 Error Type Bool, expected Number, Side, Object, Group, String
14:32:14 File A3\functions_f\MP\fn_MP.sqf, line 46

I don't know if it's about:
_player = allPlayers select 0;

    if (!isPlayer leader _player) then {
            if (isPlayer _x && {!isServer or (isServer && count allPlayers <2)}) exitWith {
                [group _x, _x] remoteExec ["selectLeader", groupOwner (group _x)];
        } forEach units _player;

I guess a problem with groupOwner (group _x) I didn't have before.

The reported script error (File A3\functions_f\MP\fn_MP.sqf, line 46) is now fixed. Please wait for it to be applied.

The issue with bis_fnc_mp failing if more then 10 objects/players are being used is under investigation. Seems like an issue in remoteExec/remoteExecCall.

Sorry for your troubles.