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stamina system sucks!
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people in my server where complaining about not being able to run, so i hopped in to see what the issue was. well its this new nexus BS stamina system. with player inventory a third full my player cant even run. come on. there has to be a way to turn this off.

2 rgn grenades
4 yellow smoke
3 .45 11rnd mags
6 9.3mm mags
cyrus with lsps bi-pod and suppressor
4-5ive .45 with mrd and suppressor


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tried many different kits

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what where you guys thinking, why would you cater only to the mil-sim groupies, what about the sandbox games where people don't have organized squads and load outs. it seems that every update you guys release breaks something or makes the game less fun. this is arma 3 not DayZ.

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You're right...this is Arma. A military simulator! How about being a bit more respective to the dev team if you want to have your complaints heard?

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@ JCae2798:
If Arma is a military simulator, it only worths its bunch of Dollars! I'm rather sure you never saw a simulator.
But if Arma is a game, this false good idea of stamina/fatigue ruins plenty of scenarios. This should be adapted for players (you know the guys who wants to play a good game without pain in the ass while crossing a wide map).

At least, fatigue/stamina should be a difficulty setting... in respect of all kinds of players and dev team.

respect? how about for the server operators?! every update i have to spend a week fixing every thing the devs thought would be a good idea and listen to the many, so very many, complaints from my player base. they are getting paid, we are not.

maybe they think its funny have to make group of unpaid people waste time out of their lives to fix game breaking "improvements" that they call updates.

and the stamina system is the tip of the ice berg, i'm lucky if i can load in my own server with out getting stuck in "loading screen limbo" 1 out of every 6 times. my player base is having the same problem.

and what is it with BI games and the updates, DayZ is the same way. never played arma or arma 2 so i cant say if this i a recent development or part of the BI fabric. if its the latter then, ill never complain again because the situation is hopeless.

my due respect was given when i paid for the game.

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You paid for a license to software that you don't own. The game is meant to be for military simulation.

If you want to disable the fatigue system.

player enableFatigue false;

The scripting engine is diverse enough to ignore most changes like these if you take the time to try.

It's is freakin ridiculous!! Players stuck on splash screen until i kick them through RCON. Have had to delete the whole player db files causing all player to lose there equipment and bank accounts. A simple medkit will cause you to have to walk. INSANE. Tell us how to disable this new totally screwed and apparently untested wieght system. YOU ARE KILLING YOUR OWN GAME!!!!!

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I like the new fatigue system. For those of you who play RPG game modes, the developers have given information on how to disable the fatigue mechanics.