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BIS_fnc_setTask not working in MP
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After several reports in my missions I made some tests and discovered this kind of report:

20:32:14 Error in expression <target,_isPersistent];
_params remoteExec [_functionName,_target,_isPer>
20:32:14 Error position: <remoteExec [_functionName,_target,_isPer>
20:32:14 Error Tipo Bool, esperado Número, Bando, Objeto, Grupo, Cadena
20:32:14 File A3\functions_f\MP\fn_MP.sqf, line 46

After several tests on all my BIS_fnc_MP calls I discovered the only way to repeat the report is to create a task with BIS_fnc_setTask {F27457}


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Steps To Reproduce

Create a mission with a "respawn_west" marker (or whatever name) and a radio trigger and ON Act:

tskGlob = ["TskGlob",true,["TskGlob","TskGlob","respawn_west"],getPos player,"CREATED",5,true,true] call BIS_fnc_setTask;

Test it on SP. Works.

Test it on MP. Fails and drops error mentioned above.

Additional Information

It seems to crash all the mission, not just the task script, at least in the current public Arma 3 - Antistasi:

Failed in all my attempts to override this function (and BIS_fnc_MP)

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RIP bis_fnc_setTask since 1.54.

All my MP missions don't have scripted tasks anymore!

Scripted tasks are a must in many many user made missions. Specially the dynamic fully scripted ones like mine.

I am a bit surprised this function hasn't been tested in MP while I see around 2-3 lines in the changelog that speak about tasks and MP tweaking...

Why is this marked as resolved?

In main branch 1.54 this most certainly is not resolved.

At least I could test setTask is working but NOT deleteTask

Are you still experiencing this issue?

No more in 1.54. Thanks

Create custom objective task with Zeus.

Where is the notification text?

Fix it.

Yes, I'm experiencing yet weird things but I cannot say 100% sure if it's my fault or engine's. My mission is a very complex - dynamic one and to know the cause of everything is very hard.

But as 1776 said, I am having issues related to not receiving the notification.

And of course the BIS_fnc_deleteTask + BIS_fnc_taskExists wasn't working the last time I tried.

Update ...

Credit given where credit is due.

It is fixed in todays patch.

Well played guys, well played.