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Legacy Fatigue Permanent Mission Paramater
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With 1.54 we are given a lot of great features, many of which have been wanted for a very long time. Then there is the case for the new 'Stamina' system which might be one of the first big changes to the franchise that is being taken with both joy and hatred by the community.

It's great for more arcadish and lax game modes which ARMA 3 has become privvy to but for the thousands of us that play ARMA for it's tactical and realistic gameplay as designed it is a giant kick in the teeth. Especially when one side of the community has got the entire base game to change a key feature to suit their style of gameplay. So already it's a pretty big deal that we who play the game as it has always meant to be played are being told that we have to mod back in a feature that was already in the game and has been in the previous games is pretty offensive in my opinion.

But considering I doubt that is going to change I propose a more 'civil' (is that the right word?) solution to this problem which would be the incorporation of a permanent parameter added to any mission made rather than having to be added via .sqf externally (as it may be forgotten and a mission designed to play with fatigue might be played with stamina). Why do this? It's simple it means we don't have to stack yet another mod onto the game and rather have the previous system already in-game (albeit requiring a little tweaking). It could be done with modules but it would get pretty frustrating and would most likely be consistently forgotten to add to a mission.

Out of all the things the ARMA franchise has done in the past I have to say in my opinion this is a very big mistake and I've seen people all over private communities saying the same. As much as it has been said that stamina breaks are still a thing, when you can jog indefinitely the whole idea of a stamina break (which previously would mean even running would be effected) is gone and a massive part of the gameplay has just been vaporized for the sake of deathmatch game modes.

Forgive me if this is written in a pretty abrasive manner but this is a very serious issue to me and many others who prefer a much more real feeling gameplay in our ARMA experiences.

The only positive thing about the new 'stamina' system is the handy visual representation.


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Before any comments are made about me disliking modding you are in the complete wrong, I already play base ARMA with around 15 mods and I'd just prefer not to have to add another to play with a feature already done and previously in the game.

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What would be even better is if the original fatigue system was the default over the stamina system.

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I preached in desert for stamina/fatigue difficulty setting but when a developer is proud of its work, it's impossible to issue a customized version for the pleasure of the most of players.

That's what I feared, I've got no problem with them being proud of it. For arcade modes it's a fantastic system which will keep the gameplay fast paced but it doesn't suit the core players.

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Not having a full stamina bar with a vest/my gun tells me the stamina system needs a lot of work or it needs to go.