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Helicopters Always Explode when Tipping Over!
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Helicopters within the game always explode when tipping over.

There is almost no possibility of landing during an emergency auto-rotation flight operation due to the physics always exploding the chopper during every tip-over. Tipping over is likely always going to occur with the current model because the model is extremely sensitive to just tipping over upon any normal landing.

The only possibly safe helicopter landing during an auto-rotation maneuver is over and in water! (I have not had a chance to auto-rotate over water, but every auto-rotation over land caused an explosion no matter how lightly I landed.)

Jets too also ALWAYS explode! I've very rarely ever had any chance to eject, hence parachutes are basically useless when flying a jet. I figure my chances have been one in 500.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get hit by the enemy
  2. Engage within an emergency landing and execute an auto-rotation maneuver.

Matter of fact, just try landing the helicopter any where, and notice how easily the model tips over and how the model always explodes once tipped over!

Additional Information
NOTE: This is not a duplicate of Bug #12760, "Make helicopter Crashes more realistic / not always exploding"; as the author of Bug #12760 is only requesting different damage models and has marked his bug as a feature request!

Per the ARMA 3 manual, auto-rotation should be possible. Since the chopper's model has integrated tipping-over and exploding when tipped-over, auto-rotation has become almost impossible.

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It really kills me (even further than being dead after the explosion) to see all my passengers dead every time I execute the auto-rotation maneuver almost flawlessly.

I could probably upload hundreds of redundant tipping-over and exploding helicopters screenshots and videos!

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Duplicate of #0021209

Slept on this and realized the slope of the center of gravity is similar to the center of gravity during take-off. When thrust is applied or removed, the slope or the speed rate the center of gravity is raised or lowered is applicable to the rate the thrust is applied or removed.

When landing, the slope of the center of gravity is likely not being lowered fast enough. Likely the slope just needs to be inverted to the slope of the center of gravity during taken-off. Hence, the model is apt to always tip-over during landings as the center of gravity is not lowered fast enough.

Also during rough landings, the gear is likely integral to the framing of most vehicles, as for the past 20-30 years vehicles have been designed to collapse around the passengers. However 3D model designing of the gear collapsing might be more tedious then adjusting, or even inverting the slope of center of gravity as mentioned above.

Bottom line, there may not be any slope of raising or lowering the center of gravity of the model, and these values might just be statically assigned. In which case, would be easier to just assign a strength of impact or collision equation or limit value until an explosion is caused. (ie. hardness of landing) Also, delaying an explosion can also be easily integrated alongside further simulating realism. Randomness can also be included, as we cannot account for every factor, even in real life.