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[ropeCreate] Custom Rope Class
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Currently the "ropeCreate" command accepts the following parameters:

ropeCreate [fromObject, fromPoint, toObject, toPoint, segments, length]

I propose expansion of the ropeCreate command to allow a custom rope to be used:

ropeCreate [fromObject, fromPoint, toObject, toPoint, segments, length, *ropeClass*]

The command should try to create a rope using the class name provided as *ropeClass* if the class exists and has the correct 'simulation' type.
This would enable the creation of ropes for a multitude of purposes, big thick ropes for fast roping, thin colored 'ropes' simulating wires between radio tower, thin cord simulating a pull cord for artillery gunners.

Additionally exposing parameters to control the breaking strength and elasticity (or flexibility) would further increase the possible uses.


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