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No more able to launch multiplayer subscribed missions from Steam
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When hosting a mission, after creation of the net session, You can choose a subscribed mission on Steam (orange font in Arma3 menu). since last Beta Steam update (24/11/15), I can't download the file. I can still access to the Steam workshop, clicking on the blue button and link is correct.

This seems to be a beta Steam interface problem. But, I can't shift to the current standard Steam interface as far as there is the persistent known bug of never-ending file download in queue.

So, in these conditions:

  • Arma3 tools Publisher disabled for scenarios,
  • Official release of Steam bugged,
  • Beta steam interface disabling download from workshop,

it seems very hard to host some workshop missions, especially, SP / MP ones.


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Arma3 files integrity is checked. Missions are mine or from other authors. It seems to impact recently modified missions but I can't notice what could be the origin of the problem.

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HI, so if I understand it correctly you have subscribed MP mission. But you're not able to host the mission because it's not visible among other scenarios in MP screen? Or?

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Tutsi, it's not the same problem.

My problem is no more here today. Just to precise something which could happen again:

I have several subscribed MP missions which recently (since last beta Steam interface) fail to download (after a very short access to Steam) and return a message: Downloading failed, try again.
It seems like a bad access to Steam. But missions remain visible and selectable in MP screen "create game", in orange font, and even, the site is reachable via blued button "workshop".
So it seems weird to access to Steam, have a beginning of download, then an error, on several "unchanged pbo" missions.
I can't reproduce this error today...