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Subscribed mods disppeared/became corrupted
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All my mods from the Workshop, have been deleted and were marked as corrupted. In addition the launcher refuses to simply redownload the corrupted once.

Edit: It seems that the corruption was fixed by creating the mod folders manually. {F27387}


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  • deleting the mods and resubscribing doesn't solve the issue, they are still shown as corrupted.

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I can see two issue there:

a) 2015-11-14 21:19:18 Launcher received list of subscribed workshop items from Steam, but all items were missing tags which means that Launcher didn't recognized them as mods any longer and removed them.

b) After you had restarted Launcher it received the updated list, this time with tags intact, and start restoring the mods. That's when it started to show corrupted mods because Launcher had some issue recognizing whether the mod folder exists or not.

could you please upload Steam logs from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs" from your computer and update Launcher logs? It seems that Launcher didn't start synchronization on the mods and marked them corrupted because there were not data at that moment that could be synchronized.

Did you modified or removed any game, Steam or Workshop files or data in any way?

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Most likely I did.

Steam logs are available for download.