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getting half the FPS I would expect
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I am getting about half the FPS I would expect, seen benchmarks and simular systems getting twice the FPS.

My graphics settings make NO impact on FPS, only draw distance a little bit, but only a little, I have to turn it down to 500 and even than if its busy in that radius its the same low frame rate.
I am getting drops to 20FPS in single player, the first campaign.
On multi player servers my FPS is 30-35 at most, when there's no buildings,trees,objects or other players around, looking at the sea.
It will drop to below 20 more than it is over 20. That is at draw distances from 900-1500, FPS does not change too much, perhaps 2-5 frames.
I tried every GFX setting, changed the CFG file, reinstalled, changed to win10 (DX12 did not help either).
It's game breaking and caused many rage quits and frustrations. I love the game and try to work around, but I'd rather see things fluently for a change :)


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my setup:

AMD A10-7850k APU black edition @4100 Ghz
ASUS A88XM-plus
AMD Radeon Sapphire R9 280x 3GB
Kingston SV300S37A120G 120 GB SSD
8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR 3

Nothing running too hot, system is malware and virus free (of course, as far as I can tell/scan).

I ran a benchmark, did not close all programs, but tested it as I would start up Arma3. Results from Realbench:

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Try a view distance of 2000m and maybe try the Performance build it helps a lot.

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I have stupid suggestion - i tried it on my PC and it helps:
Delete from your PC all VC++ EXCEPT (!) 2010 x64, 2013 x64 & x86, 2012 x64 & x86.
Delete all flashplayers, microsoft solverlights, java
Update all dirvers to STABLE versions (not beta)
Uninstall all unnecessary updates from windows.
CLEAR REGISTRY Using any trusted program.
Now you have almost clear Windows and all should work better. Now the game;
Reinstall it complettly, do not use any mod while testing.
in launcher set to use all cores of your CPU, try this tbbmalloc:
mark all 3 options on ExThreads.
Disable all steam community features while playing (you can go to offline mode btw)
Force game on high priority (can be done in task manager)


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Thanks for your thoughts guys.

I can´t find an active link of a performance build :(
could be interesting?!

I am running a clean system, reg. is clean. Tried running without virus scanners / minimal start up, nothing makes any difference. Installed win10 2 days ago + checked all drivers and updates.
Reinstalled the game 3 days ago. Launch parameters are all filled in correctly. ExThreads are all enabled. Game is already running on high priority. Playing/testing un-modded (Wasteland).

That leaves a different memory allocator, but I don´t expect a performance increase of 20/25 FPS with this.
I am literary running on half the FPS the benchmark for Arma3 on my system showed / people with similar systems are getting.

:O upping the draw distance actually improved FPS slightly xD
(although it also could be an emptying server; less players, more FPS.. Further testing needed, but I'll take every frame extra eagerly ;) )
Arma logic?!

Wait does the A10 have an internal graphics?????

Frames render ahead (or something like that) in Arma3.cfg? I know it helps much in some cases. 1 Would be the only number that works for me here.

thanks Blubb master, I will test this tonight!

A10 does have internal GPU (R7), but of course I am running the R9.

TutSi, I heared that that helped a lot of people, but for me changes in the .cfg did nothing :( (tried them all ;) )

My friend had a similar problem where the intel graphics ( no one knows why ) always wanted to be the one and only and the r9 290x was idling around. Check the clocks of your gpus. Maybe it is running on the a10 ( its quite powerfull though,compareable to a r7)

im pretty sure I'm running the R9, I am able to crank up GFX settings to very high without any difference, without the R9 that was impossible.

so far the performance build did not give me extra FPS :(

Try disable AA. Thats kinda strange. Maybe start a MP session and then play around with the settings. Do you have Gaming evolved installed?

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With AMD and in Arma MP that fps sounds pretty normal. All I can say is disable PiP, Object Detail on Normal and move the View/Object Distance sliders back and forth if the fps is dropping.

20-25fps is normal in multiplayer. These all affects the multiplayer fps: CPU (AMD is way behind Intel in Arma)/bad server/bad mission/much AI and scripts around etc. You could get acceptable fps on other server but on another mission/server it's really bad.

Btw that Fred41's malloc that someone linked is likely outdated.

TutSi added a comment.Nov 12 2015, 6:56 PM

For me this malloc works perfect. I have still 30 fps, and its very hard to downgrade it.

Cannot say amd is worse i got like 60fps in mp on stratis and 20-40fps on altis (depends on location). But 20fps in sp sounds more like the wrong gpu for me. With everything on ultra and view distance on about 2.5km

disabling AA got me about 2 FPS extra, thanks.

but this is still no way near the FPS numbers I saw in benchmarks or my buddies with similar systems.

Still check if arma is using the main graphics

it is, I was only able to put graphics on very high (with exactly the same low FPS) after I installed the R9.

My guess it has to do with either my CPU or motherboard, Arma just not being optimised for either one of them. Still am waiting from an answer from Bohemia...

There has been an update that has been re-rolled after one day: my FPS improved while everybody and his mother lost FPS. The solution is out there, Bohemia step it up please.

If a Program is not optimzed it will use more resources than if optimzed but still arma 3 is not using up everything. Did you tried the startparmaters? Multicore Ram Malloc etc...?
For me it sound really strange.

Additional : Arma 3 is Dx11 so Dx12 wouldnt do anything.

I just used RealBench on my PC:
FX-8350 8x ~4,1GHz
16GB DDR3 on 1800MHz
R9 290X
no SSD

i got :

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KSamples/sec: 1598

Heavy Multitasking

System Score

I mean i know my PC isnt bad but encoding and HeavyMT 3x
thats really strange.

Adam added a comment.Nov 19 2015, 10:09 AM

Hey, try putting your visibility on shadows to 0
Reduce PIP quality
Reduce quality of Shadows
Try disabling AntiAliasing (FSAA,PPAA,Aniso. Filtering)

That should increase your FPS.

The weird thing is that you are getting less FPS in SP than MP.

ANY BACKGROUND Applications?

Adam, thank you, but as you could have read I literary tried EVERY graphics setting, FPS never got really significantly better, let alone get to a point that I would call playable..
Shadows do NOT affect my FPS, my GFX handles it well enough, it is a CPU related problem.
I don't get less FPS in SP than in MP.. In MP my FPS drops to the below 20ies more than it is over it. It is about the same FPS I would say.
Only on battleroyale, when there is a few guys left and the last circle is not in a city my FPS will be do-able at 25ish FPS. Wasteland, Altis or Stratis, my FPS just always sucks. KOTH is totally unplayable. In wasteland I work around it: I resort to sniping, RPGing and driving people over. CQB is nearly impossible. Spotting movement in close proximity is impossible when I'm on the move.

Yes Tutsi, a virus scanner, steam and teamspeak. Running without the virus scanner did not improve my FPS or CPU usage (which is always around 30% in Arma, I wish the other 70% could be used too).

start parameters, GFX settings, .cfg files, different builds, CPU unparking, boost programms, closing programs: nothing makes Arma use more of my CPU or improve my FPS.

I have been trying different things since March when I bought Arma3. Googled extensively, seen all forum topics that never seem to get to a solution either. Asked people that are knee deep in Arma (mod developers, server owners, long time players, people with more IT knowledge than me) nobody understands why my FPS is this bad. Even gave some people remote control of my PC to see for themselves, since they plainly didn't believe/get it.

I will state again: there has been an update that improved my FPS slightly, but killed everybody else's FPS. And even than my CPU usage was still low.

TutSi added a comment.Nov 19 2015, 6:28 PM

For me, and much users helped reinstall windows and not installing any vc++ flash players etc - keeping system clean. i use program lasso to unpark CPU and keep arma on high priorities and auto-change energy plan when launching game, disabling Anti-virus also helping IN MY CASE. .cfg file editing is giving 10 fps more, using all cores also helping a little (5 fps) so overall i have about 20-30 fps all the time. DONT FORGET TO DISABLE VSYNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for me all this does not help. tried all listed things before in every possible combination.

Adam added a comment.Nov 20 2015, 10:01 AM

I'm sorry for the inconvenience but the low FPS in multiplayer is often caused by weak server performance mainly in case of persistent missions running on the server as the game is primarily not designed for this kind of gameplay.

so that is why my im getting low FPS in SP as well????
and that is why my buddies with similar set-ups get twice the FPS??

there is no logic in this answer.

I am well over minimum specs, paid good money, want working game. That is not strange is it?
I have been patiently trying to solve this my self since march and would appreciate some more effort or a decent answer from your guys side.
Admitting your engine just sucks would do fine, than I can ask my money back and don't have to hope for a solution any more.

Pear78 added a comment.Dec 4 2015, 9:51 PM

so everybody complains they lost FPS in the update, I gained a few FPS..

draw your own conclusions on how this must look like to me..

The problem is its working for 99% of the peolpe. If its an engine problem it should be more. As a IT technician i assume that something is wrong on your PC. BTW try the new crimson drivers.

TutSi added a comment.Dec 5 2015, 11:07 AM

Agree i got around 30%boost without overclocking

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