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Scenarios from the steam workshop cannot be started when steam is in offline mode
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I cannot start any scenarios that have been loaded from the steam workshop in offline mode. Since I often don't have an internet connection this makes the steam workshop useless to me. BI claimed before that it should work ( ) but it is definitely not working.



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Steps To Reproduce

To reproduce:

  1. Remove internet connection
  2. Start steam
  3. Pick 'Start in offline mode'
  4. Start Arma
  5. In the launcher press 'Play'
  6. Pick Play > Scenarios
  7. Pick a scenario that was not installed manually but subscribed to in the steam workshop
  8. A window pops up saying 'The user is not logged on'. Only option is to cancel.

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Upvoting. I dont know who downvoted such big bug.

This is the same with mods, you cannot launch any mods from steam workshop when not connected to the internet...

"This is the same with mods, you cannot launch any mods from steam workshop when not connected to the internet..."
You means it's not possible to play with mods (after they are downloaded) when there's no internet connection? Should be totally possible. What is the game error?

There is no error, it just says on the launcher waiting for initializing mod management. Bearing in mind I use the dev build... And windows 7.

Could you please upload Launcher log files?

Uploaded here.

Thank you. Will get back to you after investigation;)

Ok, seems your missing a launcher dll. Could you please do verification of local data of arma 3? (via Steam->library->arma3->RB click->properties->local files tab->verify integrity of game cache). Thank you

Ok cool, I will let you know if it does not work again :)

Cool it worked:) And yes, please let us know about any issue:)

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The fix of verifying the game cache does not solve the scenario load problem that I am seeing. I uploaded my logs as ''


could you please tell us whether this issue is still present?

Thank you.

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I just encountered this issue in current stable build 1.64, when my connection to the internet failed.
I use stable build as secondary install, using game updater