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Tank Platoons struggle to stay in formation.
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It's apparent that the current AI does not have special variables that indicate they are in armored vehicles when working as a squad. If you are the commander of a tank platoon and order your tank forward, the other tanks fail to keep proper pace in the formation. They will often speed past your tank, and then struggle to slow down and reform the line. When ordered in a relax state, they will attempt to wounder around as if they were infantry. This also prevents proper convoy movement as the AI tend to run into each other when sudden stops are needed.

To compare, playing Arma 2 with AO shows far more competence in armor maneuvers and obeying commands. They keep pace with your tank in slow and fast speeds, and will not wounder around if told to relax. They will also be far more reactive in stopping during convoy maneuvers. {F27287}


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Steps To Reproduce

Place a tank platoon on the map(for best results try the salt flats). Have the commander of the platoon be the player. Then perform one of the following for each issue.

Order your tank platoon into line formation, wait tell they lined up. Order your tank forward with the awsd keys, drive about 100m and order halt. This will replicate the late reaction times of the AI for formation.

Order your tank to move slow for 50m. Then to halt. This will replicate their inability to use the slow pace to keep proper formation.

Order the tanks into a column formation, then order them to relax. This will replicate the lack of any indication they are vehicles and not infantry, and will attempt to wounder around as if they were.

Additional Information

Every reproduction test can be tested in Arma 2: AO for further comparison.

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Up-voted. I would suggest making some sort of repro mission (maybe one in A3 and a similar one in A2) and uploading it. Even if things are relatively easy to set-up, reports seem to get more attention when you upload a repro, and this definitely deserves attention.

I would but my computer is in for repairs and I'm not sure when I'll get it back. I'm hoping this is just a easy fix for the developers. Since I feel it doesn't really require a huge code write, just some simple variables to let the AI know they need duplicate the players actions a little more then if they were just on foot.

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When tanks are in a column under alert mode, and order is given to stop, second tank will usually crash into rear of lead tank, and often flip over. Entire column becomes confused and in disarray after halt order, and correct spacing is often not maintained.

In line formation, subsidiary tanks will proceed for >100m after halt order. See uploaded image. Line formation is only regained after about 10 seconds.

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Agree. Need fixing, tracked vehicles finally must be fixed!