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Arma 3 Tool Addon Builder
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I am having a problem with packing rvmats in the p3d files. In object builder I setup all of my textures and rvmats paths for global setting. Example local "P:\my_projects\aus_crown\data\..... Global " \aus_crown\data\.... I end up packing the files and everything works fine without binarize in editor. I need them binarize for a server, so I select Binarize and everything works except the rvmats. Which for a police this means no, transparent glass, no lights.


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Use addon builder and set your paths one source from P:\ drive and out source the desktop.

In object builder the paths have to be set for global!

set this list of copy files

select Binarize and hit pack, when done with process.Please copy that file to the your arma 3 directory as an addon pbo. It will load however without its rvmats.

I think is the the config.cpp having a problem converting the the rvmats?

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Here is a file to test, I had to strip it, however the glass is still an rvmat and the body reflection!

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Solved it! If any of you are having a problem look at this

However the list to copy is wrong, this is what I used. Your project has to be your P Drive. However to BI I noticed one thing that Mikero arma P extractor builds a correct drive. The setup with the Arma 3 Tool drive does not copy the A3 files in the P Drive.
In my Arma3 Addon Builder Tool my extensions to copy are as follows

Path to Project is P:\My_projects or whatever you make as an folder.

Under tools set your path from steam to the P:\ on all of them.


I now have working rvmats and textures global!

Thanks though BI!
You guys still Rock!

Nice to read you solved your issue.

Regarding the fact that DevP doesn't generate the A3 dir and its content, it's perfectly normal because FuturaToP is responsible of that ;)