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[Feature Request] Individual Stamina for each soldier
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As each human has different physical endurance there should be possibility to add scripting commands something like SetTotalStamina to change lung capacity of each individual. Also each human has different speed of recovering your fatigue.


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To be more constructive:

  • Stamina, fatigue should be set in difficulty level;
  • game timing is not "real-life" timing as you should end a mission, within hours instead of days. With "real-life" tempo, you kill gaming without adding in immersion. Crossing Altis can't take several hours without any boring;
  • AI mus have the same difficulties as players, in a normal use (say veteran), more difficulties in beginner, less in elite.

And furthermore, stamina/fatigue should imped on AI skill. There are so many things to do here! Immersion is broken by AI shooting through walls, vegetations, and ability to fire a magical dead shot after being badly hurt! How many times AI, who are shot at legs, start to walk, face you, (prone or not) and kill you in one shot?