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Extend "InventoryOpened" event handler
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We would like to ask for a new parameter "secondaryContainer" in the InventoryOpened event.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Drop an item onto ground next to a car, ammo crate or any other vehicle that has a container.
Open the inventory of that item on the ground.
You will see a "GROUND" tab and a "CRATE" tab.

Only the container of the "GROUND" tab is passed to InventoryOpened.

Additional Information

The InventoryOpened event fires when the player opens the inventory of a container, which works perfect. What we are missing in this event handlers is the secondary container being passed to that event. Currently, there is no reliable way to identify the secondary container of RscDisplayInventory when the player opens the inventory dialog.

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"InventoryOpened" now returns second connected container

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