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Fire in the sitting animation
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Would be nice if you was able to fire weapon while in the sitting animation.
this animation: .

Dayz standalone has this feature but not arma :/. I was flicking threw animation viewer and saw these animations from FFV, they look pretty nice : Maybe you could have it were you hold the tactical stance key down and press the sitting button to get to this animation state.

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Some more sitting positions

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Whats the point? There is already a sitting stance you can shoot from. Adding another stance is not only pointless but it would complicate the stance adjustment system. Seems really unnecessary to me.

Those animation you are viewing are used on the vehicles. That is why there is the word "passenger" in the name of the animations

yeah im not stupid, i was using them as examples

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What for do you need shooting in this stances?! This stance is used to simulate rest and relax, as the only easy accesable stance while playing.