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Units inside tanks (i believe other vehicles too) are dying beacuse close explosion of nearby vehicles.
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Yesterday i was playing with friends and meet something strange. There was very close contact with 2 tanks - i was in one tank and other guy wan second one, he had damaged barrel, so he moves directly at my tank with barrel aiming at ground and finally he shooted at me, hull of my tank was on status RED, but vehicle was still working so i sended him a round in the side and it worked but when his vehicle was exploding (3-5 meters from me) i died inside my tank. I get angry and checked it in single player - same issue.


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In editor put OPFOR and BLUFOR tank next to each other, side by side, be in one of vehicles and set health status to zero on the second tank (so he will explode). watch what will happen.

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In real life it is possible to get injured or die from explosion shock waves. For instance in WW I/II there were bunkers that survived artillery/bombs but the people inside got injured or died.

I don't know how much this relates to your described situation although I can imagine the tank violently rocking from the explosion injuring its crew by throwing them around inside the tank.

Or it could be a bug..

Its more a kind of failure in the Damagesystem the status of the hull says what you need to penetrate it. For example the Hunter when hull is ok 7.62 wont come through. When hull is orange it goes through and when its red even 5.56 goes through some times. Same comes for the tank hull when hull is red you can fire a HE round to kill everyone inside.

Hmm, theoretically that makes sense. A red hull is seriously weakened and probably has holes in it or parts missing.

The problem is that violent shaking of the tanks and/or holes in it is not visually represented, leading to unexpected injuries. It definitely feels weird dying from an explosion in a visually undamaged vehicle, this is a problem.

OK but if vehicle is in perfect condition? BTW one hole from APFSDS round (~40mm) doesnt mean the nearby exploson is able to kill everyone inside. Tanks was designed to survive artillery explosions nearby, air attacks (so bombs as well) and any other kind of explosions. I can add from my point even MRAP is protected against explosions, so i should not talk about tanks protection - its obvious.

Good example, it feels weird being killed in this way.

@Joostidy - now imagine situation when my tank is out of ammo (multiplayer), we are evacuating and driving pass the truck, some guy is shooting to us, but he miss, and he hit in truck - BANG! Whole tank crew is dead, he got a tank.... I died about 20 times by this way. In multi peoples are using this very often, when tank is standing next to some lighter vehicle, and they havent correct ammo to destroy tank (for example they have HE rounds, no HEAT) - they shoot the lighter vehicle and problem is gone.

I agree, the killed-by-blast theory only works for very heavy explosives, like special bombs or heavy artillery. Not exploding trucks. I don't play MP but I can imagine what you describe is an annoying cheat to kill a tank crew.

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1.54 Still not fixed.