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ARMA3 has no basic animations.
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Unfortunately, today(v 1.52) in ARMA3 missing a lot animations of basic actions. In the majority cases, instead of the proper animations of basic action, used not appropriate animation. For example at the repair, used self-treatment animation, or for set mine or deploying any static weapon, used "take" animation and etc, etc... These parts look bad.
If a soldier sets up a mine or deploys turret/mortar, then he should spend some time by means special animation, with hands manipulations, being inclined to the ground surface, instead of 1 second, to take out from the emptiness the invisible object, as we see now. BIS, please make proper animations for basic actions in the game. This will make the game better and more realistic.
A list of the only some required and missing animations in the Arma3:

Deploying any static weapons. (hands manipulations on the ground level is expected, today we have the "take-animaton" over the ground)
Deploying weapons on bipods. (expected hand movement animation, today does not exist in general any anim)
Open/close door. (hand movement animation expected, today does not exist in general any anim)
Take any thing from the ground/ammo box. (expected hand movement to the target-object, today we have the "take-animaton" over the target-object)
Death for any static weapon gunner/quadbike driver/attack-boat crew.(expected ragdoll or death anim)
Installation/disarm mine. (expected hands manipulations on the ground level, today we have the "take-animaton" over the ground)
Activation explosive charge. (hands manipulations expected, would be great to see activator in the player's hand)
Reloading any Missile-Loucher. (Today ugly animation, without missile in the player's hand)
Repair vehicle anim.(expected the special and long repair animation, instead the fast self-treatment animation)
Searching the pockets or rearm from the corpse. (expected hands manipulations on the corpse, today player can see only "take-animaton" over the target)
Throw on the ground the unnecessary current weapon.(expected animation of the throw weapons, instead of transfer of invisible weapons, behind back of soldier)
Dropping of backpack.(expected normal dropping animation, today player can see only "take-animaton")
Switching optics modes animations. (expected animation, today does not exist in general any anim)
Jump down from the elevation. (jump anim expected, today does not exist in general any anim)
Switching fire mode. (hand movement animation expected, today does not exist in general any anim)
Remove/install weapon modules, supressor, items. (special animations are expected, today does not exist in general any anim)
On/off night vision. (hand movement animation expected, today does not exist in general any anim)

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That's what we wish for years.. It would be nice but as there are bigger priorities right now I don't think that there will be any changes.. only UGL animations were included..

Dont forget switching optics animation +1 vote

"only UGL animations were included"

Why UGL animations better, that other?
I think BIS can to make at least half of the listed above. Especially the all reload and instal animations.

Walking up and down stairs animation? Plus aiming down sights animation?

"Walking up and down stairs animation" as I understand, used standard ground movement, Of course, not exist special animation, but I think it's not so terrible.
"aiming down sights animation" - not clear for me. May be, this 14 item, from my list/

+1 for quadbike animation! :D

upvoted for 1,2,3 and 4.

@DogBo that the main actions of game looked ideally, all animations from this list are necessary. Why this game may not look perfect? I think, the primary priority has to be for all reload animations in Arma3. If you compare these animations other games:
COD Black Ops2-,
COD Advanced Warfare -,
Crisys3 -,
then we can understand, that reload animation in the A3, worse than in these games. Before I read a lot of bad reviews about this on Youtube and I felt sorry for A3. Please read all of the comments themselves:

Damn right, upvoted.

Simulatior of "Escape from Tarkow" - surpassed Аrma3 in animations.
All, watch this video:

All the detailed animations are present! Simulation at a high level.
Open/close the door, turn on/off lights, get/dropp objects, inventory and etc. etc. All animations work! Every detail!
I think, the developers of ARMA, you have much to learn;)
If ARMA will look like this, then it will be perfect!

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