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Xbox One - Controller Z-Axis & Z-Rotation issue
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Hello guys,

I have this problem with my Xbox Controller:

when I pressing the Z-Rotation "Button", the Z-Axis is activated too.
And then the Axis didn´t turn off.

In the Controller Settings from Microsoft, all is ok. And in other games the controller works too.

I checked it with my force 3d Pro joystick, and he works fine in arma.

S: Win10 #64bit

Controller: XboxOne Controller
Software Version : 10.0.10240.16384
ModpacK: Vanilla

UPDATE: tried other Controller Version and other Software, nothing helps.


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You are playing arma with xbox controller!? Is it even possible?

@Fighting Power

for Vehicles or Tanks.

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Fighting Power: I remember during Alpha or Beta, one of my playmates stated he flew better using an XBox controller.