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Eden does not recognize description.ext music config
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imported 2d editor mission from previous version, had ogg file in with description.ext that loads ogg file but triggers no longer list the config entry as music option.


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class CfgMusic
class taps

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have not tested in 2d editor but since that is being depreciated, i am trying to convert as much over as possible before deadline.

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Who said the 2D editor is being depreciated? The 2D editor is still useful. Also, description.ext is only loaded on mission load, not before during editor stage.

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benargee, switch to dev mode and it says it prominently at the top.

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After importing you have to save the mission, load it up again (as the eden verison, not import, obviously) and the description.ext stuff should work..

Actually when you import a mission and use any of the quicker previews (play from here, play as character) the desc..ext and init.sqf don't get run at all unless you do that above mentioned.

Description.ext is currently not loaded while in Eden Workspace at all. We're planning to add it with general implementation of description.ext into the editor.

The original problem I was having, the option for music added to the description.ext was not being listed in triggers however, I just tested it in version 1.55.133346 and they are working now; this ticket could be closed. Thank you.