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AI will not shoot at Striders/Hunters/Ifrits (even with LMGs/MMGs)
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AI armed with anything but AT launchers will simply not engage Striders, Ifrits, or Hunters, despite having weapons that can easily disable/destroy the vehicles (such as Zafir, Navid, or SPMG).


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AI Aiming / Shooting
Steps To Reproduce

Create hostile AI.

Create empty Strider/Ifrit/Hunter.

Drive around/run over hostile AI - they will not engage you.

If you jump out of the vehicle, the AI will immediately shoot at you.

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This is a delicate issue. It used to be the other way around where ai where firing pointlessly on armored vehicles and getting wiped out before the AT guy could launch. I don't want that situation back!

It would be nice if AI fired and have a good opportunity to destroy MRAPS with high-calibre weapons.

The underlying issue is that the AI treats MRAPs the same as heavily armored vehicles. Even AI with the GM6 Lynx and APDS rounds will not shoot at the MRAPs.
The APDS rounds can disable wheeled IFV's like the Gorgon!

Even AI on mounted .50 cal guns (tripods/offroad armed) will simply not engage MRAPs. That makes no sense, because those .50 cals can more than easily dispatch an MRAP.

I really hope this is fixed by 1.52, because it makes no sense that somebody in a strider can simply run over all of the AI, even if they are all armed with LMGs/MMGs/HMGs, and Anti-Materiel rifles.

EDIT: It wasn't fixed in 1.52 (not surprised, it was reported right before the patch). If this could at least be looked at, that'd be great...

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Kreu added a comment.Oct 4 2015, 12:46 AM

You can disable the turret of the strider, hunter and ifrit with nearly every weapon. I would really like to see the Ai engaging the turret

Same as my issue:

Although in my testing they would engage the CSAT Ifrits with small arms.

Voted up nonetheless.

oukej added a comment.Dec 6 2015, 2:08 PM

Hey and thanks for the report!

This would require a completely new functionality for the AI to be able to aim at vehicles' weak spots. I'm afraid there are issues of higher priority and also whether it's even desired is questionable (AI might become very effective at immobilizing vehicles).

Leaving it open for now.

In my opinion they don't even have to target weak spots; I would just like them to engage the vehicles at all. It's just weird to drive around AI in a Hunter with them just sitting there starting blankly at me.

I get your point Gilatar, but be careful what you wish for. In an earlier version infantry did fire at MRAPS. However, if they just fire at the vehicle, it is very ineffective.

I was very irritated in missions where I liked to ambush MRAPS with launchers, but my squad opened fire with small arms, before the launchers could fire. This usually led to the squad being detected early and wiped out.

oukej, with all due respect, I don't think you understand the issue.

Weapons such as mounted .50 cal tripods don't need to aim at weakspots. Same with GM6 Lynx APDS and such. If the AI is within reasonable combat range of a Strider/Hunter/Ifrit and is armed with a powerful weapon (at least a mounted .50 cal tripod) then they should just start shooting at the vehicle. No need to worry about weakspots.

I agree with eraser1. I just think it would be nice for them to just blind fire with small arms in a desperate attempt to do some damage. It just feels so weak to set up ambushes with multiple RPGs and grenade launchers for them to be effective now. Would be a lot more intense (and realistic) if they just fired small arms even though it wouldn't really have any effect unless they got lucky hitting the wheels.

Would maybe a good compromise be for the ai to only shoot with small arms at close range, say closer than 100m? to reflect the desperate attempt?

Else it would be dumb ai reveiling their positions firing at a vehicle they know has armor protection. And ineffective firing with the Lynx at the whole vehicle, not specifically the weak parts would be annoying as well if the Lynx guy is on your side.

Kreu added a comment.Dec 12 2015, 11:00 AM

I don't think it makes sense to let the ai shot at vehicles, if they don't target weak spots. It wouldn't have any effect. If the ffiring on weak spots doesn't work, can we at least have one not so heavy armored vehicle for every faction? Of course this is not so important as other issues. But at the moment the game gets boring as soon as you give the players a ifrit,hunter or strider and the enemy doesn't hase vehicles too. I already won with a strider against 60FIA soldiers and 3 weapond offroader by shooting the AT first and roadkilling the rest. I also don't want to use mods because i crate missions for a big community and don't want to splitt the community.

I think that would be a good compromise, joostSidy. I do agree that it's pointless for enemies to open fire with small arms unless they're actively being threatened by the vehicle. My issue with the problem in the first place is:

  1. It's hard to set up ambushes when these vehicles are used. You need some kind of AT or grenade launcher in the ambush group, and most of the time the shots miss the vehicle or doesn't damage the vehicle enough.
  1. Driving a Hunter into a group of AI will get no offensive reaction. They will either stand around like normal or become alerted, going prone and moving out of the way.
  1. Light or medium machine guns absolutely can and will disable these vehicles if the fire is concentrated enough. All it takes is a couple of controlled bursts at the wheels or windshield to disable the vehicle or its driver. The AI not utilizing their LMGs/MMGs is just absurd.

But since this doesn't affect other, lighter vehicles, is there a line or class in the configuration for these vehicles that make the AI not engage them? Or this something just inherent in the AI configuration itself?