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Customizable 3D Editor controls
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As an Eden Editor user, I would like a separate grouping of keybinds specifically for the Eden Editor so that I have the ability to change the keybindings for just the 3D Editor (i.e. camera movement, toggling toolbars, etc).


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Change standard movement controls to use ESDF instead of WASD for Forward/Back/Left/Right
  2. Launch a new scenario in Eden Editor
  3. Observe that pressing E toggles the Entity window rather than moving the camera forward
  4. There is no way to change the keybind for the Entity window
Additional Information

I am an ESDF player instead of a WASD player, so nearly all of my keybindings are different from the defaults. I need a way to change the controls for just the Eden editor that doesn't involve having to change all of my normal keybinds for playing the game. I don't want to have to change between two different profiles - one for editing, one for playing.

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I am also a ESDF key user and have done since coming from Arma2 into the A3 alpha. In fact ive now changed all my games as it allows for an extra column of keys in easy reach.

I would of thought an editor keys bindings section is something you would add early on and add keys to it as you implement features leaving you not having to back track once your finished. Especially from a usability standpoint for both devs, testers and now that its in beta your public users.

Current Zeus bindings do not work for the left and right panels but are hard coded to E and R.

Even keys from the Common bindings like Map, Lights, NightVision dont work but are hardcoded to M, L and N respectively.

Infantry movement bindings work for the 3D view yet 2D view movement is hard bound to WASD. It has always been a PITA that splendid camera is hardcoded to WASD and that has never been changed no matter how many time i commented on it both here, in the forums and in private to Moricky.

At the moment it just leave the new editor excessively frustrating to use and test. I understand it is beta but when one of the key features is the ability to seamlessly jump from 2D to 3D to playing having multiple different key sets is frustrating.