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RC 1.52.132483 - C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 1000100D 01:0000000D tbb4malloc_bi.dll
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Game crashed for the first time within a set of tries. The error message received mentioned something about an error allocating memory. Plenty of physical and virtual memory was free at the time though.

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 1000100D
Fault address: 1000100D 01:0000000D ...\Arma 3\dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll


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Game Crash

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The Memory allocator is being changed in the next version.
There are a lot of articles in the web, which explain how to change them. However, i would suggest to be patient.

Stay tuned :)

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Yeah I'm reporting this crash on the new RC 1.52 version so that they won't release the changed allocator like planned. Hopefully they'll quickly fix this issue and the update doesn't get delayed again.

That's a great pity. Sorry i didn't knew that.

could you please try the same approach with 1.50 allocators to see if the game crashes for you?
You can download 1.50 allocators here:
Just replace the current ones in your Arma3\Dll\ folder.

does it crash for you when you use other 1.52 allocators?
You can use them when adding parameter "-malloc=" to the starting command line. The example would be:

List of allocators distributed along with the game:

Could you please let me know if the game crashes for you on any other allocator? Thank you very much.

I did as you said running RC 1.52.132483 and managed to generate a whole bunch of crashes. You can download them with this link:

I managed to get a crash with all 1.52 allocators including "system".
Of the 1.50 allocators, all crashed except for tbb4malloc_bi (2 attempts).
Note that the 1.52 tbb4 allocator also did not crash until several attempts were made.

The tcmalloc_bi crashes were different but the following crashed at a specific point of the last Bootcamp mission:
tbb3malloc_bi (could not write memory / exception 0x00000e4b)
nedmalloc_bi (exception thrown)
jemalloc_bi (application freeze)
system (exception thrown)
tbb4malloc_bi (old original issue report)

The point in the last Bootcamp mission where the crashes occurred is depicted in "crashcampaign.jpg".

Thank you for the detailed info, there actually seems to be a problem in the game itself, programmers are hunting it down currently.

the crash should be fixed on with the new RC update (exe rev. 1.52.132553).

Thanks for reporting the issue!