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Lack of most radio commands on-screen, and audiable reports
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Most of reports of seeing the enemy, simply commands, driving commands, are not shown on the HUD or are not hearable i checked with and without mods. most of them just not appear.


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Play mission with lot of enemy AI, and teammember, then watch dialog not popup with most of reports, or they are simply not spoken

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As for the child who downvoting all my reports, beacuse i downvoted his one ticked - please go to psychologist, if you cant deal with your problem - your behavior is childish and ridiculus. As for BIS, problem seems to appear since 1.48.

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"Fixed: Sound - AI sometimes did not fully speak its dialogue"
I would not say that - now, including lack of UI HUD reports, there is a lack of spoken dialogs in sentences.

vlad_8011 recorded it as movie - he will upload video

Edit :
Here it is

Edit 2:
This happen with all reports in vehicles and outside them, and this second is even worse - display messages are not showing up in 50% reports

Can i ask why Someone from Support have blocked my account?! Is there something wrong with some of you? This is the clearest resason to not be part of arma community. As i newer been since prewious arma's ( i played very lot of it), now in arma 3 as community takes big place in developing the game i wanted to help you and be in this community, but now i see its sensless. All over the place people from Bohemia are scary of vlad_8011 and now you think its ME! This is sick people, very sick, i want to help you, i'm your fan since i first saw Operation flashpoint and this is how you repays me? This is absurd!

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Yes, i am facing the same issue.

Diferent PC, deifferent config same issue.