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Tracked Vehicles too fast, especially AI: request reducing speed
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General off-road speeds for all vehicles are very fast, but with tanks it is especially noticeable. Fast tanks like the T-100 move at crazy velocities, speeds at which the crews would be bumped around inside hard enough to be completely unable to observe and fire.

Further, the high speeds make even the AI outrun its situational awareness, causing them to get destroyed because they barreled right into an enemy team of AT riflemen without spotting them, after speeding into them from three kilometers away at a breakneck pace.

Combat AI also always moves at the highest possible speed. This is okay, the top speed just needs to be lower.

For reference, typical combat speeds for tracked vehicles are between 5 and 15 mph (reference the US tank gunnery manual FM 17-12 "Tank Gunnery" Chapter 6 Section V, Page 130). T-100s sometimes reach nearly 70 kph off-road, along with extremely rapid and go-kart like movements that make them less than believable.


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Reduce overall off-road speed of tracked vehicles.

Limit maneuverability at high speed.
Prevent go-kart like behaviour for tanks.

Make a difference between using roads and going off-road.

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Armored vehicles bump into each other and flip over as well because of this. Especially when going downhill.

Adapt vehicle speed to combat mode

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I would increace their mass (to prevent fliping) and limit their max speed on Combat mode (as PiepMGI writed above)

+1 Agree with autor. Also high rates affect to the turning vehicles/

Related to this issue:

The armor engine behaviour is far from optimal. Often they go to fast and flip. But it requires a good solution not a simple one.

The engines have incorrect gear functioning giving them actually weak acceleration and traction. Just drive around in an armoured vehicle off-road and you'll see how slow you will go and you will hear high-pitched engine noises and weird gear shifting.

Increasing their mass would make this problem even worse. The game-engine has actually trouble with armored vehicles because of tracks/high mass. It was designed more for normal cars.

The tanks need powerful engines but reasonable speed.

I see they cant stop as they should, they are driving without throttle for few seconds , then sometimes stop