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No report "got him" after killed enemy and positioon report for player
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Feature present since first Operation flashpint, not in Arma 3. When playing AI, its very annoying when my team buddies keep asking where are you, getting no answer, and magicly follow you (when they dont know where you are). Also there is no report sayed by player when we take down the enemy AND LOOK AT HIM pressing right mouse button like "got him" or "he's down". Those voices are actually in game, but player never use it. In all previous ArmA series thos voices was present.


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I tried it with setting "automatic report" on/off in dificulty.

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I dont know who have the problem with me, but i see, i get famous. I got my own troll :)

So i see second troll. I don know how childish and stupid must be this person, but i'm sure he dont like lack of sounds, he is downvoting only beacuse of he is bored or for joy. This child must have serious problems, beacuse ticket is about clearly bug.

I think you are suppose to manually say that you took a guy down, but I see what you mean.

Thats the problem - when i look at shooted down man my character is quiet.

Still not present...